Published On : Mon, Aug 5th, 2019

Jammu-Kashmir Reorganisation Bill passed in RS

The Jammu & Kashmir Reorganisation Bill, 2019 has been passed by Rajya Sabha.

While 125 members voted in favour of the bill, 61 of the others voted against it.

Home Minister Amit Shah, who piloted the bill through the upper house where the ruling BJP doesnt have a clear majority, had prompted a furious response from the opposition led by Congress which raised concerns about the impact of the move.

Shah brushed aside fears that there would be violence as he stood up to respond to the debate, saying nothing of the sort will happen. The home minister insisted that Article 370 could be blamed for much of the terrorism that had been seen in Jammu and Kashmir to underline that the existing policies, in any case, had cost more than 41,000 lives.