Published On : Mon, Aug 15th, 2016

Jammu Anand to contest NMC polls as Independent Candidate

  • Meeting of Workers and Activists of AAP concludes at high note
  • Cases against Jammu Anand and Adv Sharma withdrawn
  • Aam Admi Party activists and workers take out rally to highlight poor roads


Nagpur: The meeting of Party activists and workers of Aam Admi Party held in the city was successful and ended with positive results. Many important decisions were taken during this meeting. One of the important decisions taken during the meeting was the approval of the proposal to withdraw the cases against Jammu Anand and Advocate Sharma. Jammu Anand was urged to become more active in enhancing the party position in the city. All the party workers and activists welcomed this decision with a loud round of applause. The Party Workers’ Meet was held on Sunday the August 14, 2016 at Amrut Bhavan on North Ambazhari Road.

The meeting was conducted by Rasheeda Begum, Ashfaq Patel, Narendra Thakre, Advocate Arvind Waghmare and Advocate Ravi Naidu.

IMG-20160814-WA0011During the meeting a decision was also taken to take disciplinary action against Devendra Wankhede, Jagdish Singh, Ashok Mishra, Ambrish Sawarkar, Kavita Singhal, Geeta Kuhikar and Shankar Ingole based on allegations made against them including denigrating the party, tarnishing the image of the party and discouraging the party workers. Recently these party workers had gone to the residences of Nitin Gadkari, Rajendra Mulak, Satish Harde and Anil Deshmukhand had submitted memorandums to them. These workers had staged a protest Dharna in front of the Office of SNDL in support of those citizens who had stolen power.

During the AAP workers’ meeting it was decided to contest NMC elections as Independent candidates.

Many activists and workers had expressed their opinion to enhance the position of the AAP in Nagpur city. These activists and workers included Ravikant Wagh, Afsar Khan, Advocate Waghmare, Advocate Naidu, Ansar Sheikh, Rashida Begum, Advocate Hirekhan and Pankaj Thakre.

The Party workers’ meet was conducted by Arif Dosani and Shankar Maourya. After the workers’ meet, the workers and activists of Aam Admi Party took out a protest rally to raise the issue of poor city roads. The rally started from Amrut Bhavan to Rani Jhansi Square to Variety Square. They raised slogans against Nitin Gadkari.

Those active party workers who worked hard for the success of this meeting included Imran Alam, Deepak Sane, Ansar Sheikh, Sanjay Singh, Faiyaz Alam, Amitabh Daral, Pankaj Lede, Rahul Wasamwar, Sharad Bhoyar, Rajkumar Kamble, Pradeep Hazare, Salam Bhai, Dilip Shende, Sameer Pillewan, Sudhir Borkar, Prakash Charpe, Chatrapati Vaidya and other activists.