Published On : Wed, Mar 2nd, 2016

Jammu Anand demands dumping of NIT, scrapping of ‘Smart City’ project

Jammu Anand and Mayor (1)Nagpur: A delegation led by union leader Jammu Anand on Wednesday met Mayor Pravin Datke and pressed for various demands including dumping of Nagpur Improvement Trust. Ironically, the delegation hailed non-inclusion of Nagpur in the list of ‘Smart City.’ Jammu Anand blamed the NMC Administration and NIT for the failure to make efforts for developing the city as ‘Smart City.’ “In fact, the Smart City project should be summarily scrapped,” demanded Anand.

Other demands of the delegation include annulment of ‘Smart City’ campaign through which views, suggestions were solicited for development of Smart City. Similarly, Jammu Anand demanded to make public the proposed schemes and projects that were to be undertaken under Smart City project and added that the Smart City project is nothing but a ploy to make land available to unscrupulous builders.

Jammu Anand and Mayor
Jammu Anand further said that three schemes could be implemented for developing the Smart City. The schemes include Retrofitting, Redevelopment and Green Field. The land required for these three schemes could be in the range of 50 acres. One can imagine how this huge land could have been made available in the city, said Anand.