Published On : Thu, Feb 5th, 2015

Jambuwantrao Dhote to continue tirade against police atrocities at Ganga Jamuna


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Jambuwantrao Dhote while addressing the residents of red-light area Ganga Jamuna, said that he has listened to the woes mentioned by the residents and other people living in the area. He claimed that the atrocities of the police won’t last long. He said that they are the original residents and owners of the houses in Ganga Jamuna. They have every right to stay there. He termed the police action as thoroughly illegal.

He said that those very leaders and politicians who had come with folded hands and asked for votes have now turned against them after they have come to power. He said that some of the residents have informed him that when the wife of Union Surface Transport Minister Nitin Gadkari had come to their area, she was formally welcomed and felicitated. However, now she is also not ready to redress their problems.

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Jambuwantrao Dhote claimed that (based on what was told to him by the Female Sex Workers of Ganga Jamuna) the education of the small children of the residents of this area is suffering because of the police action. He claimed that the residents of Ganga Jamuna too have a right to live and continue the age-old profession. Nobody can prevent them from doing so because it is Constitution right given to every citizen to choose any career or profession.

Jambuwantrao Dhote claimed that BJP and Shiv Sena are perpetrating sheer atrocities on the residents of Ganga Jamuna. He claimed that they have spoken to a few Lawyers who will be filing a petition in the High Court against the police action. He said that he and a few leaders from the area will meet the Commissioner of Police K K Pathak, Deputy Commissioner of Police Abhinash Kumar and try and find an amicable solution. Failing which, they will then approach the Chief Minister Devendra Fadnavis. He said that they will also approach Central Minister Nitin Gadkari. We’ll remind them of the promise made before the elections. If they do not get their grievances redressed amicably, then they will have to resort to Hunger strike.

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He told the residents of the area that they will certainly get justice. He added that the media is with them. He claimed that the Builders lobby are trying to acquire their land so that they could build big shopping malls in the area between Itwari and Wardhaman Nagar. He added that the residents of neighbouring areas who are out to oust them from this place have been coerced by money or threat to demand the ouster of the residents of Ganga Jamuna.

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While speaking exclusively with Nagpur Today, Jambuwantrao Dhote said that these agents of law are breaking the law by heaping atrocities on the residents of Ganga Jamuna. He claimed that these residents are also citizens and have every right to live and pursue their profession. Those whom they voted should now do justice to them. These mothers and sisters living in these areas too have a right to live.

Jambuwantrao Dhote claimed that they will approach Commissioner of Police, Chief Minister and Central Ministers and discuss amicably. If not they will Gherao the Chief Minister.

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Jambuwantrao Dhote claimed that builders with affinity with BJP are behind this action. He claimed that Advocate Janburkar, Adv. Kishore Lambat and Adv. Sudhir Voditel have been contacted to represent their case in the High Court.

Comrade Kukde and other social activists accompanied Jambuwantrao Dhote during his visit to Ganga Jamuna.

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