Published On : Sun, Jan 17th, 2016

Is sulking Adv Jaiswal ‘planning’ to dump Shiv Sena & join BJP?

Nagpur: The loser is frustrated, dazed, and confused too. The day results of 2014 Assembly election were declared, this lawyer, a Shiv Sena leader, started pondering over his career in the future. Over one year has gone when Adv Ashish Jaiswal lost the Assembly election in Ramtek constituency but the Shiv Sena leadership has not ‘accommodated’ him neither at party level nor at any other plum post as the party is also the partner in State Government. If his ‘negligence’ at the hands of party continues in the coming days and BJP increases its popularity graph, Adv Ashish Jaiswal is certain to dump his parent party and join the ‘prosperous’ party.

According to sources, the Shiv Sena leader, during the heat of Assembly election, had left his home ‘with a firm mind and firm determination’ to enter the BJP fold and reached the Mahal-based residence of Union Minister Nitin Gadkari, with a hope. The news of Jaiswal reaching Gadkari’s resident spread like the proverbial wild fire in his home constituency Ramtek. Jaiswal’s ‘plan’ to be a BJP man, at that time, got prevented as the party cadre in Ramtek raised a hue and cry over the move. Otherwise, today, Jaiswal would have been BJP’s MLA from Ramtek and not the present one, stated the sources.

The present MLA Mallikarjun Reddy is rank outsider but because the BJP could not find a strong and winnable candidate from its fold, the luck smiled on Reddy. He too kept the prestige of the party by winning the Assembly election but invariably failed to win hearts of local party leaders and workers. Now, these ‘disappointed BJP leaders and workers are said to be distancing away from Reddy and following their ‘new leader’ in Jaiswal, ‘respectfully.’

On the other hand, Adv Ashish Jaiswal is also pretending to be a Shiv Sainik, at least physically, but his mind is with BJP. If Shiv Sena fails to feel the pulse of Jaiswal’s confusing mind in time then the Shiv Sainik could be a ‘BJP man’ in the next Assembly election. All said and done but a question that crops up in the minds of common people is that: Why the charismatic party like BJP has failed to create a strong and winnable candidate from its own army of cadres in Ramtek Assembly constituency so much so that it has to bank on a rank outsider (Reddy) for a win?

Revolt in Shiv Sena:
A few years back, Subodh Mohite roared ‘Jai Maharashtra’ in full pitch but the ‘roaring tiger’ later surrendered meekly to Congress camp at the behest of Narayan Rane. It is different politics that Mohite thereafter never stood on his own feet and lost credence. And now Adv Ashish Jaiswal, it seems, is toeing the same line.

But in a way, Jaiswal would not be only one if goes to BJP camp. Earlier too, Chhagan Bhujbal, Ganesh Naik, Raj Thackeray, Narayan Rane, Sanjay Nirupam and a few others had deserted Shiv Sena and joined parties of their liking. Were all these leaders lacked charisma or the Shiv Sena system is at fault?

Rajeev Ranjan Kushwaha ( )