Published On : Tue, Feb 17th, 2015

Is serial killer on the prowl? Another youth found murdered; three murders in 3 days


Top police officials and citizens as well must be spending sleepless nights as a serial killer appears to be on the prowl and doing his job in a precision. Three murders in three days have left the police and citizens in the Second Capital City of Nagpur baffled.

Much to the chagrin of people, another youth was found murdered near a ground at Baradari area of Kalamna on Tuesday morning. The deceased has not been identified as yet. The youth appears to have brutally been done to death and his body was found naked. Apparently the same modus operandi was adopted in this youth’s murder the way two men were murdered in Nandanvan Police Station area in the past two days. Cops surmise that the killer first took out the clothes of the youth and then murdered him. The unidentified and freely roaming killer has put the police and people on their toes with panic writ large on their faces since the past three days. This killer first makes the victims bare-bodied and then carries out the murders.

According to police sources, the body of the murdered youth was spotted near a ground at Baradari area of Kalamna on Tuesday morning. After receiving the information about the body, Kalamna police reach the spot and conducted the preliminary investigation. The body of the youth was later sent to Government Hospital for post-mortem. In the preliminary probe the body bore innumerable wounds caused by sharp-edged weapon or other lethal force that ultimately led to his death.

Two bodies were also found in Nandanvan area which bore more than 100 stab wounds. None of the murdered men have so far been identified and thus left the police baffled and rattled as well. Such murders were previously witnessed in metro cities like Mumbai and Delhi but the three murders in three days have forced the citizens spend sleepless nights.

At present, Nagpur police are groping in the dark over the identification of the killer and the deceased as well in all the three cases.

Kaikade Nagar Murder

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