Published On : Tue, Apr 6th, 2021

Is IPL More Rewarding Than PSL?



The debate between IPL and PSL has been a taking point amongst the Cricket fans. IPL has been the first of its kind. The cash-rich league tournament is the first franchise-based cricket league in the world. The Indian Premier League also has the most significant enrolment of money, and it has the most viewership as well. Every year, we celebrate IPL like a Cricket festival in the country and the whole world. has touched a sentimental topic on which fan from India and Pakistan will have a different opinion. But, keeping the current scenario in mind we have analysed that if Indian Premier League is more rewarding then Pakistan Super League or not.  Also, we have shared the opinion of few international cricketers over the same.

The IPL fans can get to the ground to watch their favourite teams and stars live. At the same time, many can watch the live coverage on their TV sets, Laptops, and smart mobile phones. IPL receives muchviewership’s because of the latest technology and trends, and the live streaming category is also one of them.

PSL – Pakistan Premier League was invented after the IPL. PSL has done the good thing because Cricket is back in their country, and Pakistan is also a country with great fans of this beautiful game.

India Vs Pakistan has been a fascinating rivalry in International Cricket over the years. The matches played between these two arch-rivals is the most-watched game on all the platforms. But the truth is that the political tensions between these two countries have given rise to their Cricket rivalry.

Many cricketers have shared their opinion about PSL and IPL. Due to this, the IPL Vs PSL debate has been raised ahead of the upcoming IPL 2021 season. Many say that PSL is more rewarding than the cash-rich league tournament, IPL. This debate has acquired more attention to these two leagues, and even fans say that PSL is more rewarding than IPL.

It mainly occupied the social media pages with these debates. The cricket players and fans have expressed their opinions and thoughts on both leagues. But they have said that PSL is more rewarding than IPL.

As we all know that IPL was founded in 2008 after India won the T20 World Cup in South Africa. Since then, this league has produced highly competitive matches and thrilling matches for 13 years. The 14th edition of the Indian Premier League will start from 9th April 2021, and the final of this cash-rich league tournament will be played on 30th May 2021.

The PSL – Pakistan Super League and the other T20 franchise-based tournaments are taken from IPL. Cricket was not played in Pakistan. But due to the PSL, Cricket is back in their country. On 9th September 2015, PSL was founded with six teams which are the cities of Pakistan. PSL is a single entity franchise league with a separate window in ICC’s FTP – Future Tour Programme from this year.

Here are the Top 4 Cricketers who think this way

Is PSL more rewarding than IPL? Today, in this segment, we shall bring the players’ views regarding these two-franchise based T20 tournaments. The top 4 players in International Cricket say that PSL is more rewarding. Let us find out who are those four players –

  • Dale Steyn –The legendary Cricketer from South Africa believes that PSL is more rewarding than IPL. Dale Steyn feels that because of more money, big stars, and squads, Cricket is forgotten in IPL. He found that the other T20 leagues are more rewarding than IPL as a player. In IPL, there are big squads, and there is an emphasis on the money which players have earned. So, he feels that Cricket is forgotten in this cash-rich league tournament. Steyn also found that in IPL, fans have inquired about the money he made, and in PSL, their fans inquire about his performance. In the other leagues than IPL, the performance on the field is given the uttermost importance. But in IPL, the money is given more priority than Cricket, Steyn feels.
  • Darren Sammy – The West Indian all-rounder Darren Sammy was asked to his favourite league between IPL and PSL in an ESPN Cricinfo interview. Although Sammy didn’t give a detailed answer to this question. But he mentioned that Pakistan Super League is his favourite league. Sammy has been an active player in the T20 franchise tournament. He plays for Peshawar Zalmi in the Pakistan Super League and the Indian Premier League. He had represented Sunrisers Hyderabad from 2013 to 2014, Royal Challengers Bangalore from 2015 to 2016, and Sammy has been part of that franchise from 2017.
  • Brad Hogg – The former Cricketer from Australia also founded that PSL is more rewarding than the IPL. On Twitter, Hogg said that Pakistan Super League is more prevalent because it brought Cricket back to Pakistan. In a questions-answers session on Twitter, fans asked Hogg to rate the PSL and IPL on the scale of 10. He replied that the league gets 9 points each. He said that because PSL cricket is played in Pakistan again and IPL has more viewership worldwide. He was diplomatic in his answer regarding the debate of IPL and PSL. But he said that PSL is more prevalent than IPL.
  • Wasim Akram – The legendary fast and swing bowler from Pakistan also expressed his say on the PSL and IPL debate. In a YouTube video, Wasim Akram has said that PSL has good bowlers’ quality. He said that the overseas players from the T20 leagues agree to this statement of his. he feels that in every team of the IPL, the batsmen can attack the one bowler. Whereas in PSL, the bowling quality is better than IPL. He continued saying that the foreign players also say that there is a difference in PSL and IPL. They also agree to Wasim’s statement that PSL has a better quality of bowlers than the IPL.