Published On : Mon, Jan 20th, 2014

Are husbands ruling the departments held by women officials ?

Nagpur News : Chairperson of NMC’s Special Backward Class Welfare Committee Savita Sangole has stirred trepidation in the administration circle with her letter to request the shutdown of the Backward Class Welfare Committee in view of lack of funds in the committee. The committee was established for the development of backward classes in the society. The committee acquire 5 percent from the total budget of NMC and a provision of Rs 60.38 crore has been reserved for the committee this year. The committee was the last to be formed and before its formation Rahul Telang of Bahujan Republican Ekta Manch was handling the matters of backward classes. However, after the formation of this committee, Savita Sangole was appointed as the chairperson of the committee. As per the information revealed by Savita Sangole, the committee has only Rs 5 crore in its kitty to deal with all the problems.


It is interesting that though Savita Sangole had shoot off letter to top officials and office-bearers in NMC and had demanded to shutdown the committee due to lack of funds, but she had not come forward in the media and to declare the same. Instead, her husband Manoj Sangole spoke on her behalf and informed about the injustice towards the committee. If sources are to be believed, though Savita heads the committee but Manoj Sangole takes the decisions on her part. He had lamented the present condition of the committee and said that Rahul Telang had intentionally spent the money allotted for the committee, thus leaving it in a pathetic condition. He further said that the people coming with their problems of cleaning public toilets, nullahs, development of slums, construction of schools and hall had to be sent empty handed due to lack of sufficient funds with the committee. “If the committee cannot solve the problems for which it was formed, then it will be better to shut down it,” taunted Manoj Sangole.

Though the issues raised by Manoj Sangole were concerned to the citizens, but it was shocking that the chairperson Savita Sangole was not in front of the media to raise the issue. Instead, her husband spoke for her. This indicates that though women held many posts in NMC and other administrative offices, yet they are ruled by their husbands. To encourage and provide equal status to women in society, 50 percent seats have been reserved in NMC. However, it is seen that most of the women officials fail to become the face of the department and their husbands dominate the department. Sources said that many husbands of these ‘post-holder’ women officials have been seen wandering in the departments and bossing over the officials. Monoj Sangole has also becoming the face for the department of Backward Class Welfare Committee. When questioned about his involvement in the departmental works, Manoj Sangole said, “I am working for the welfare of the committee and as far as raising voice is concerned it helps in keeping the officials in check.”

Powerless and helpless corporators

It is interesting to learn that Municipal Commissioner Shyam Wardhane has total control over its officials. Most of the issues discussed in the NMC meeting are based on the issued gathered over RTI Act and most of the issues are beyond their powers, however, NMC officials struggle to clarify the stand of NMC over the issues. Many a times, Municipal Commissioner has been seen taking charge of the situations and backing the officials. NMC officials are more than happy to support the Commissioner to gain his support. Officials challenging commissioner’s decisions face suspension or they have to leave the job.