Published On : Tue, Sep 15th, 2015

Is farm house fad in Nagpur driving youths towards death ?

Purva and manoj
Two weekend pool parties at city’s upscale farmhouse… Two telling deaths!! First a youth Manoj Katgaye and then the young gal Poorva Hedau lost their lives at the swimming pool tragedy at the same farm house! Nagpur’s party circle has certainly shaken post these two deaths caused due to the accident at swimming pool. The shocking incidents have posed a serious question mark over the increasing trend of rave parties at farm houses. The fun going uncontrolled resulting in deaths have not only questioned the security at these parties but also points to the dark and gory game of wild parties taking strong roots in Nagpur.

Home away from  homes!
Since Nagpur is known to be Orange city and having the right climate and land for growing oranges, many citizens buy small farm with Orange trees and then build a

Decent farm-house equipped with all the latest amenities. These farm houses also hosts a decent sized swimming pool which can help them cool in the peak of summer season when sun spits fire over Nagpur.

Drugs, sex and more…
However, in recent times, these neo-rich have started renting out their farm-houses to the young and vivacious college students for enjoying parties away from the watchful eyes of the parents, police and media. Since these farm houses are situated at a little distance away from the main road and since the farm houses are surrounded with greenery and trees, the party and those partying are well hidden from the prying eyes of all those to whom it matters. Often the occurrences in the farm houses causing an imbroglio to the owners of the farm-houses.

Many illegal activities including smoking weeds, intake of drugs, imbibing alcoholic drinks and unrestrained sexual activities takes place in these parties. These parties are often termed as “Rave parties”.  The amorous young-men often use the date-drugs like ecstasy to seduce the girls to enjoy their lustful motives.

Safety should be prime
If the farm-houses have a swimming pool, a trained life-guard should be employed; life-guard equipments should be available at hand if people or youngsters intend to venture into the swimming pool. CCTV cameras should be affixed in every room, overlooking the swimming pool and all such places where youngsters could wander away and indulge in amorous activity. The footage of these cameras should not be misused, but in many cases can become vital in finding out the modus operandi of crime committed. This footage can reveal the chain of events and the exact criminal or criminals who had committed the crime.

Experts stress for safety and values!
So what are the factors that trigger youths indulgence into such activities? Nagpur Today spoke to few experts on this topic.

Head of the Department of Psychology, Hislop College and Counselor Dr Mala Singh while talking to Nagpur Today said that if one sees rebellion in the youth today which is urging them to go to these Farm houses for rave parties, the reasons could be varied. It may be peer-group pressure or ignorance of parents or absence of right role models! She opined that very few or no role model exists today, whom the youngsters can ape or follow. She said that the Schools have Personality Development, Value Education as part of their curriculum. She also stressed the need for socialization which includes religious inputs, value education, moral and ethical inputs that the parents have to inculcate in their wards or children are lacking nowadays.

Soft-Skill Trainer Beena Mathew told Nagpur Today that values are changing in this dynamic culture. The culture as it exists in the present age is an all absorbing culture. Western, Eastern have strong influences on our Indian culture. This has somehow influenced the way of thinking, the style of attire, food and drinks and vices. There are a lot of positive as well as negative influences on our youth today. The media, Television, Movies, and Internet etc has both positive and negative influence on the way the youth think and behave.

The concept of “It is my life and I have all rights to do what I want, when I want, where I want” and the concept of “It is my choice” are strong in the youth today. However, the “empowerment” is wrongly placed often. While imparting education (academic subjects) to the children, the teachers should take time in inculcating value education apart from the topics of the routine curriculum. Every teacher should strive in inculcating a balance between the emotional and the intellectual realm.

Chairperson of L7 Group of Companies Ravi Agrawal while speaking to Nagpur Today said that his company is diversified into many areas like Information Technology, Hospitality, Real Estate, Finance, Securities and Commodities, Human Resource, Media and Entertainment, Food Processing and Steel Processing Industry. He claimed that safety and security is foremost in his mind.

While speaking about farm-houses, he said that he has built a lot of farm-houses for a variety of clientele. He has also equipped many farm-houses with swimming pool. While building the swimming pool, he also installs some safety equipments.

When asked about his clients renting out their farm houses for private parties, Ravi Agrawal said that it is the prerogative of the owner of the farm-house whether to rent their farm-house or not. Since he does not own a farm-house, the question of renting out farm-houses for private parties does not arise at all.

– By Samuel Gunasekharan