Published On : Sat, Aug 6th, 2016

Is Bawankule above the law? His dubious deeds say he is!


Nagpur: The Guardian Minister Chandrashekhar Bawankule, it seems, is an entity above the law. First, he alleged forged project affected certificates. Thereafter, he purchased government lands at half of the market rates. Now, the renovation of a building constructed on some portion of the purchased land, grabbing of nearby government land, unauthorized construction work at the land opposite this building. Moreover, sale of some portion of this purchased land to many of his ‘favourites. The acts of these and many more such can only be done by an entity who is “above law” and Bawankule seems to be the entity. Surprisingly, the Chief Minister with clean image is conveniently overlooking the deeds of Bawankule. The law is being applied differently in different cases. The law was different for Eknath Khadse and hence he was shown the doors for misusing his post. But the law seems to be different for Bawankule and hence he is being protected.

It is in public domain that the State Energy Minister Bawankule first forged a project-affected certificate in his own name. Later, the land purchased from a local Revaram Rangari was received by him under the project-hit category. The plot number of the land is 28-A and admeasured around 800 sq ft. However, Bawankule had not done registry of this land. On the other hand, the documents related this land have gone missing from the local Gram Panchayat, it is learnt. Currently, the said plot of land is registered in the name of Bawankule family.

Further, when Bawankule purchased this land from Revaram Rangari, he had sold 2000 sq ft of land to one Tagde, 2000 sq ft to Sharad Jadhav and 1500 sq ft of land to Baba Boldhane, illegally. And at the remaining 2500 sq ft of land plus at the half portion of grabbed land from Plot No 27E (government land), the minister had constructed the building. The plot bearing number 27E was usurped by Bawankule as a project-affected person.

However, when a complaint was lodged against the dubious deeds in the year 2008, Bawankule produced a government order and other related documents for transferring a mere 180 sf ft of land for Rs 1404, only. It is a well-known fact that Bawankule originally hails from Khasra Gram, Kamptee Road. The how can he be allotted a plot of land in Koradi as a project-affected person? It is true Bawankule’s grandfather was a project-hit person as his house had come under the project. However, ‘verycleverly,’ the house was divided in nine shares and then government benefit was derived, illegally.

A few years ago, the Bawankule brothers, without sticking to government norms, had purchased 8000 sq ft of land from Dhote, a project-affected person. Currently, a new construction work is going on as well as renovation work of an old building on back side. A shed housing Bawankule’s public relations office is also illegally erected. Also, Jagdamba Constructions and other commercial deals are thriving in this area, again illegally. Moreover, these commercial firms have been provided with power connections under residential category.

In a nutshell, for the Chief Minister, it would been an easy task to invoke stringent MCOCA against goons who perpetrated crimes 2-4 times. “Sacking” tainted Khadse could have also been easy. However, despite riddled with grave charges, Bawankule continues to be “blessed ” with ministership. On the contrary, if reports are to be believed, Bawankule, after the “chalisa” of illegal acts went public, he came down heavily on his family members and said, “You would breathe easy only after devouring my ministership.”











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