Published On : Thu, Mar 10th, 2016

Investors object to proposal of appointing Advocate representing Wasankar as amicus curiae in the case

wasankar-arrestedNagpur: The investors of Wasankar’s ponzi schemes have taken an objection to the proposal of appointing an advocate who has been representing the accused in economic offenses as Amicus Curiae since there is a conflict of interest.

Amicus curiae ((friend of the court) is defined as someone who is not a party to a case and offers information that bears on the case, but who has not been solicited by any of the parties to assist a court. The investors including Architect Vivek Pathak and Dr Lanjewar alleged that contrary to the definition, citing heavy load on Justice V T Suryavanshi who is looking into MPID cases and MCOCA cases, the court has decided to appoint Advocate D Chavan as an Amicus Curiae and to move the cases to some other court or judge.

What is surprising is that the proposed Amicus Curiae are none other than Advocate D Chavan who has been representing Prashant Wasankar, his wife and other accused. It was Advocate D Chavan who appeared in bail application of Bhagyshree Wasankar and Abhijeet Choudhari earlier and in matter of Prashant Wasankar’s fresh bail plea on March 9, 2016 too. It was Advocate D Chavan who appeared in the Writ Petition 78/16 Dimple Kanungo or 79/16 Naresh and Chetana Chandan (related to the Wasankar case) and the writ petition 961/15 of Bhagashree Wasankar.

If Advocate D Chavan who has been defending the accused in Economic Offenses of Wasankar case, becomes Amicus Curiae and a move to shift cases from Justice Judge V T Suryavanshi who has been looking into Maharashtra Protection Of Interest Of Depositors Act (MPID Act) cases, the investors have expressed fear of injustice to them and favours to the accused and his cohorts. The investors led by Architect Vivek Pathak and Dr Lanjewar expressed the apprehensions of investors plan to intervene in the matter in order to protect their interest in the case.