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    Published On : Wed, Feb 12th, 2014
    Latest News | By Nagpur Today Nagpur News

    Interim Rail Budget : Nagpur gets one weekly train; 4 Premium trains to pass through city

    M_Id_460492_Railway_Budget_2014Nagpur News.

    Nagpur will have its share of a weekly Express train starting from city and four premium trains passing through here in the Rail Budget 2014. This surfaced in the interim Railway Budget announced by Rail Minister Mallikarjun Karge in New Delhi on Wednesday. However the business community here has expressed its dissatisfaction over the trains which they have dubbed as highly insufficient and miniscule.

    The weekly train proposed from Nagpur will be Express train that runs towards Rewa. Besides Nagpur-Rewa Express there are talks of another biweekly Nagpur-Malwa Express but it did not appear in the list of 73 new trains which include 17 premium trains, 39 express trains and 10 passenger trains.

    The premium trains that will pass through Nagpur include Howrah – Pune AC Express (Bi-weekly) via Nagpur, Manmad; Mumbai – Howrah AC Express (Bi-weekly) via Nagpur, Raipur; Patna- Bangalore Express (Weekly) via Mughalsarai, Chheoki, Manikpur, Nagpur; and Yeshwantpur – Katra Express (Weekly) via Gulbarga, Kacheguda, Nagpur, New Delhi.

    Below Average Budget : Dipen Agrawal

    Reacting on the list of trains released with Interim Railway Budget, President of Nag Vidarbha Chamber of Commerce Dipen Agrawal said that there was was not much expectations from the Railway Budget 2014 since it was an interim budget for 4 months but it can be termed as a below average budget.

    In an e-mail sent to Nagpur Today, Agrawal said, “There is no concrete proposal or strategy announced to implement the past policies and projects announced by the earlier Railway Ministers, no roadmap of FDI in Railway, no infrastructure development plan or technological upgradation nor high speed trains. An independent Rail Tariff Authority is being set up to advise the government on fixing of fares and freight with past experience of various other authorities like MERC on electricity and TRAI  etc. Government has created a mask to hide their inefficiency and an easy way out for increasing fares and freight.”

    He said, “There was absolutely nothing for Vidarbha & Nagpur except for stoppage of few trains. This was the only demand considered by the Railway Minister out of the list submitted by NVCC. We now just expect the railways to implement already announced projects for Vidarbha and Nagpur in earlier rail budgets soon.”

    The press release was issued by NVCC Hon Secretary Hemant Gandhi.

    Elections influenced rail budget 2014-15 : Tejinder Singh Renu, Secretary – Vidarbha Taxpayers Association (VTA)

    Budget presented is on expected lines, being elections year, it was quite obvious that there would be no increase in passenger fares and freight charges; however finding nothing concrete of safe travel is unfortunate part.

    Since last 5 budgets, high speed trains launch is highlighted, however no major progressive steps observed; although I would recommend that we need to have more focus on improving tracks and its surroundings for safe travel as fast train accident or derailment would be disastrous.

    Upgradation scheme being extended to AC Chair Car and Executive Chair Car passengers, similarly premium AC trains with dynamic fares on Delhi-Mumbai route with shorter advance reservation period are welcome steps.

    Trust Rail Land Development Authority focuses more on parking and infrastructural projects for more convenience of the passengers.

    List of Trains

    Premium Trains

    Howrah – Pune AC Express (Bi-weekly) via Nagpur, Manmad

    Kamakhya – New Delhi AC Express (Weekly) via Chhapra, Varanasi

    Kamakhya – Chennai AC Express (Weekly) via Malda, Howrah

    Mumbai – Howrah AC Express (Bi-weekly) via Nagpur, Raipur

    Mumbai – Patna AC Express (Bi-weekly) via Khandwa, Itarsi, Manikpur

    Nizamuddin – Madgaon AC Express (Bi-weekly) via Kota, Vasai Road

    Sealdah -Jodhpur AC Express (Bi-weekly) via Mughalsarai

    Yeshwantpur – Jaipur AC Express (Weekly) via Gulbarga, Pune, Vasai Road

    Ahmedabad – Delhi Sarai Rohilla Express (Tri-weekly) via Palanpur, Ajmer, Rewari

    Bandra – Amritsar Express (Weekly) Via Kota, New Delhi, Ambala

    Bandra (T) – Katra Express (Weekly) via Kota, New Delhi, Ambala

    Gorakhpur – New Delhi Express (Bi-weekly) via Lucknow, Moradabad

    Katra – Howrah Express (Weekly) Express via Mughalsarai, Varanasi, Saharanpur

    Mumbai – Gorakhpur Express ( Bi-weekly) via Khandwa, Jhansi, Kanpur

    Patna- Bangalore Express (Weekly) via Mughalsarai, Chheoki, Manikpur, Nagpur

    Yeshwantpur – Katra Express (Weekly) via Gulbarga, Kacheguda, Nagpur, New Delhi

    Thiruvananthpuram – Bangalore (Yesvantpur) Express (Bi- weekly) via Erode, Tirupattur

    Express Trains

    Ahmedabad – Katra Express (Weekly) via Palanpur, Jaipur, Rewari, Hisar, Bathinda, Amritsar

    Ahmedabad – Lucknow Jn Express (Weekly) via Palanpur, Jaipur, Bandikui, Mathura, Kasganj

    Ahmedabad – Allahabad Express (Weekly) via Jalgaon, Khandwa, Itarsi, Satna, Manikpur

    Amritsar – Gorakhpur Express (Weekly) via Saharanpur, Moradabad, Sitapur Cantt.

    Aurangabad – Renigunta Express (Weekly) via Parbhani, Bidar, Vikarabad

    Bangalore – Chennai Express (Daily) via Bangarpet, Jolarpettai

    Bandra (T) – Lucknow Jn Express (Weekly) via Kota, Mathura, Kasganj

    Bareilly – Bhopal Express (Weekly) via Chandausi, Aligarh, Tundla, Agra

    Bhavnagar – Bandra Express (Weekly) via Ahmedabad

    Bhavnagar- Delhi Sarai Rohilla Link Express (Weekly)

    Gandhidham – Puri Express (Weekly)

    Gorakhpur – Pune Express (Weekly) via Lucknow, Kanpur, Bina, Manmad

    Guntur-Kacheguda Double Decker Express (Bi-weekly);

    Howrah – Yeswantpur AC Express (Weekly)via Bhubaneswar, Gudur, Katpadi

    Hubli – Mumbai Express (weekly) via Bijapur, Sholapur

    Hyderabad – Gulbarga Intercity (Daily)

    Jaipur – Chandigarh Intercity (Daily) via Jhajjar;

    Kacheguda – Tirupati Double Decker Express (Bi Weekly);

    Kota – Jammu Tawi Express (Weekly) via New Delhi, Ambala

    Kanpur – Bandra (T) Express (Weekly) via Kasganj, Mathura, Kota

    Lucknow – Kathgodam Express (Tri-weekly)

    Manduadih – Jabalpur Express (Weekly) via Allahabad, Manikpur, Satna

    Malda Town – Anand Vihar Express (Weekly) via Amethi & Rae Bareli;

    Mannargudi – Jodhpur Express (Weekly) via, Jaipur

    Mumbai – Chennai Express (Weekly) via Pune, Gulbarga, Wadi

    Mumbai – Gorakhpur Express (Weekly) via Gonda, Balrampur, Barhani (after gauge conversion);

    Mumbai – Karmali AC Express (Weekly) via Roha

    Nanded – Aurangabad Express (Weekly) via Purna, Parbhani

    Nagpur – Rewa Express (Weekly) via Satna

    Nagercoil – Kacheguda Express (Weekly) via Karur, Namakkal, Salem

    Pune – Lucknow Express (Weekly) via Khandwa, Bhopal, Bina, Jhansi, Kanpur

    Ramnagar – Chandigarh Express (Weekly) via Moradabad, Saharanpur

    Ranchi – New Jalpaiguri Express (Weekly) via Jhajha, Katihar

    Secunderabad – Visakhapatnam AC Express (Weekly) via Kazipeth, Vijaywada

    Santragachi – Anandvihar Express (Weekly)

    Srigangnagar – Jammu Tawi Express (Weekly) via Abohar, Bathinda, Dhuri

    Thiruvananathapuram-Nizamuddin Express (Bi-weekly) one day via Kottayam and one day via Allepey

    Varanasi – Mysore Express (Bi-weekly) via Wadi, Daund

    Balurghat – Howrah (Bi-Weekly)


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