Published On : Mon, Jul 15th, 2013
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‘Innovations – Let’s Make it Happen’ by Deepak Maneria

Nagpur News: Deepak Maneria, delivered a talk on “Innovations – Lets Make it Happen” on Saturday 13th July at VIA Hall.

This programme was organized by the Marketing Forum of VIA. Deepak Maneria, Founder Volunteer-One Foundation and a well known creator, innovator, and idea change catalyst, with a recent MDP in Innovation and Creativity management from IIM Ahmedabad.

Deepak initiating his talk said, the accelerated pace of change makes innovation imperative. India’s ranking on world innovation index is below 50 and this reality needs attention by professionals as well as academicians. Innovation though linked to creativity and often used interchangeably is not the same. The key focus of innovation is implementation and one need not be highly creative to be innovative. Amongst the multiple approaches open innovation & crowd sourcing are the latest being adopted by many organizations. Having many ideas is the best way to having a good idea. Unfortunately innovation cannot be automated as only people can generate ideas. Managing innovation at workplace is a complex phenomenon and multiple organizations have tried different approaches with idea incubation as one of the subsets of larger process of innovation.

He said a fruitful idea can be called as Innovation. In Global Innovation Index, India ranks at 66. Innovation and creativity is two different things. Ability to create in imaginative way is creativity; Creativity can be a part of Innovation. The Speaker said an idea can be creative but the same idea need not be innovation. The problem is never how to get new innovative thoughts into your mind, but how to get the old ones out. Hence, implementation of ideas is very important.

Deepak said, Innovation is the change that outperforms the previous practice. Banking and Airlines services are good examples of service innovation. We need to adopt changes according to time because customer has changed and the whole world is changed. Similarly there is a difference between Invention and innovation. Invention and innovation can be done by anyone. Ideas can come from any person. You need not to be educative for innovation.

Summing up his talk on Innovation the speaker said incremental, basic research, breakthrough, sustaining, radical and disruptive plays an important role for Innovation.

Earlier, floral welcome of Deepak Menaria, Founder Volunteer-One Foundation was done by Rohit Agrawal, Hon. Secretary–VIA, introduction of the speaker & opening remarks was done by Shikha Khare, Co-ordinator-VIA Marketing Forum, summing up, vote of thanks and the programme was conducted by Sanjay Arora, VIA Marketing Forum.

This free talk on ‘Innovations – Let’s Make it Happen’ was attended by large number of audience which includes Young Entrepreneurs’, Businessman, Students, Industrialists and VIA Members. Prominent members were Akash Agrawal, Treasurer- VIA & Anita Rao, VIA LEW Chairperson.