Published On : Fri, Apr 25th, 2014

Influenced by rich, Ambazari police ignore crystal clear culprits in two death cases!

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Picture this… On April 22 at around 7 pm, a ruthlessly driven hi-end sports Ninja bike hits a bicycle rider Dinesh Jethani on the road opposite Wockhardt hospital in Ambazari. Seriously injured Jethani was rushed to the Wockhardt hospital while the bike rider who sustained minor injuries moved to another private hospital, leaving the bike in tatters. Ambazari police reached the spot and recovered the bike. Interestingly, no crime was brought to the fore in official police information generated for press. Eye-witnesses claimed the boy who rode the bike was present at the time when the police arrived at the spot. However, he was sent free without any case registered against him. Later, It came out that police initially booked the accused youth under sections 279, 338 of the IPC. Unfortunately Jethani died in the hospital the next morning. Now, police have escalated the section to 304(A) for causing death. However, interesting part was that the accused though recovered from his minor injuries was still out of police reach despite the cops having full information on his whereabouts.

API Ambazari police station, J.G. Patil who is investigating the case appeared to be moving too slow in the entire incident. When Nagpur Today contacted him he said, “I am out of station today. Let’s see if we can arrest him by today evening.” When asked if the accused flee in the meantime, he replied casually, “Where would he go. He reside in Chandrapur and we would arrest him.” But when? Patil could not reply this.

PI Ambazari police station, Anil Katkade said that they had registered the crime and would arrest the accused soon. When asked why they had not arrested him earlier, Katkade explained that the boy was injured but he failed to explain how the boy was allowed to leave Nagpur despite knowing the fact that man whom he hit died in the accident. When Nagpur Today asked Katkade why the information was not passed in police diary, he could not give satisfactory reply. He said, “We had not registered the case by then.” But he failed to explain why he hid the information even the next day.

Now, lets revisit another case under Ambazari police station…

On April 8, little Sara Mohammad Kadar went to Krazy Castle aqua park along with her parents. Sara was standing near the electric train ride when the train suddenly started moving, hitting Sara who fell down. She succumbed to the injuries by the time she was rushed to the hospital. Ambazari police had registered a case of accidental death and started their investigations. Almost a fortnight after the tragedy, Ambazari police woke up from its deep sleep and booked two persons for their negligence in handling the train ride. However police failed to explain the noticeably longer time taken to act in the incident. Interestingly, only the train operator and its care taker were booked, leaving the owner of the amusement facility untouched.

Clarifying the issue, PI Katkade told Nagpur Today, “It was the complainant’s (deceased’s father) fault, who approached us late.” He remained tight-lipped, when asked if police could take the cognisance on its own and probe the matter. He also denied the responsibility of the owner of Krazy Castle in the entire incident, despite the ride being operated into his premises.

Above two cases are the peculiar example of how Ambazari police loosened their the probe in order to give smart slip to the main accused.

In both the cases, inquiry has been limited to either paper work or minor arrest, leaving the culprits unfazed by the law. In the first case, the accused reportedly belongs to a rich family in Chandrapur and the sports bike he was riding costs somewhere around Rs 3.5 lakh. Police knew his whereabouts from day one, but still could not move ahead to perform their duty. In the Krazy Castle case, police’s intent to save the big culprit was evident from the fact that two poor operators were arrested, leaving the owner out of net.

Nagpur Today brought both the incidents to the knowledge of Commissioner of Police KK Pathak who told that he would check up the facts in both the cases. However Pathak said that the probe was progressing in Krazy Castle case and level of responsibility was being ascertained. “I would check that matter also and find out the responsible person behind the incident, and if need arises we can extend the responsibility further,” he told Nagpur Today.

DCP Abhilash Kumar said he would need 2-3 days to look through both the cases. However he was of the view that if Ambazari police have done nothing wrong then they should be forthcoming in their cases. “As far Krazy Castle tragedy is concerned, I have been going through the course of inquiry, and I would certainly get into the details of this accident case involving the biker,” he told Nagpur Today.

Abhilash Kumar also asked this correspondent to call after 2-3 days so that he could get more updates in these cases.

Nagpur Today unravels facts

When Nagpur Today Reporter Ravikant Kamble investigated it was found that this Bike is registered in the name of Raj Kishore Arora, a resident of Mahakali Temple, Bahali Ward, Chandrapur. The bike was purchased from Arun Automobiles at Khamla Square on October 22, 2013. The Engine Number of bike is EX300AET00336 and the Chassis number is JKAEX8A1FDHT00336.

Sources say that relative of the registered owner was the one riding the bike when the mishap occurred claiming the life of Jethani. Interestingly the bike rider was on the spot when the police officers arrived and was also questioned by the cops.
Sources say that the offender dropped some big names. Surprisingly, instead of arresting him from the spot, the cops let him go and get treatment from some private hospital.

After the accident, the wife of the deceased Dinesh Jethani was called and on the basis of her complaint, the API Patil of Ambazahari Police registered a case against unknown offender. Since the Ninja bike did not have a number plate, they pacified the wife of the deceased that they will write to RTO and get the details of the owner. Our Crime Reporter hardly took 2-3 hours to get all the details including the chaisis number, engine number, owner’s name and the riders name and succeeded in even getting the picture of the offender. This shows how the cops are not serious in their investigations. The Crime Reporter managed to get the mobile numbers from the showroom and the pictures from the social media.