Published On : Wed, Feb 27th, 2019

Industrial visit conducted by Suryodaya college of Engg & technology

Suryodaya college of Engineering & Technology organised an Industrial visit at AZURE Power Uranus Pvt. Ltd., Nagpur by Electrical Engg. Department especially for Sixth& Fourth semester student. The main objective behind the visit was to make student aware about how electricity is genereted by using Solar.

Students were guided by Er. Jay Khobragadeat the site to control room where a orientation of company was given.
5 MW Electricity generation is carried out by means of solar power systemwhere Twenty units for producing electricity. There was all units are working at that time. The students & faculties enjoyed the technical endeavor at both the organizations a lot. The company persons also appreciated our students.

Visit seemed to be very informative and gives good learning experience. It was the unique example of ‘EDUTAINMENT’ i.e. Education & Entertainment. Students were well mannered and disciplined throughout the tour. No injury or anything bad happened during the industrial tour.

Prof. Prasanna P.Titarmare, Head of Electrical Engg Department, encouraged the students to attend such industrial visit. Prof. Ravi P. Gulhane, Prof.Rahul Dekate, and Prof.(Ms) PriyankaK.Gaurkhede accompanied the students.Prof.(Ms)S.Yende, Prof.N. Kamdi & Prof. D. Wasnik also appreciated the students for their efforts. Shri Dipakji Chafle; President; NRDRS, Shri Ranjeetji Chafle; Secretary; NRDRS, Dr.C.S.Ragit, Principal, Prof.V.G.Parhate, Vice-Principal, Shri.Abhishekh Belkhede, Director SCET congratulated the staff for their initiation,