Published On : Mon, Mar 12th, 2018

IndiGo Flight Makes Emergency Landing in Ahmedabad Due to Engine Failure; Close Shave For 186 Passengers

Indigo Flight
Ahmedabad: An IndiGo Airlines flight made an emergency landing in Ahmedabad due to a technical issue. Reports say the IndiGo neon plane travelling to Lucknow suffered an engine failure mid air and had to land at the Ahmedabad airport after a full emergency was declared.

It was a close shave for the 186 passengers who were on board the IndiGo flight. The flight took off at 9.21 am this morning and returned to Ahmedabad airport, making an emergency landing at 10.04 am. All passengers are reported to be safe.

According to reports, five other flights were delayed due to emergency being declared at the Ahmedabad airport.