Published On : Wed, May 20th, 2015

Indianised ‘The Middle’ Show to commence from next month

Indianised 'The Middle' Show to commence from next month

Missing ‘The Middle’ and want to watch it in Hindi? Well, we have some good news for all the Frankie fans out there. The Indianised version of popular US sitcom “The Middle” will reportedly go on air from June. According to sources, the protagonists will be played by Ami Trivedi as Frankie Heck and Abbas Khan as Mike. “The show will be produced by Bodhi Tree and will launch in June,” said the source. It will reportedly air on Big Magic.

“The Middle”, a Warner Bros productions, revolves around a semi-dysfunctional working-class family of five and their attempts to survive life in general – day-to-day struggles of home life, work and raising children. Courtesy of Twitter The series is narrated by a mother, Frankie (Patricia Heaton), initially an under-performing salesperson at a used-car dealership and later a dental assistant.

It shows how the family deals with the every day struggles and raising 3 completely different children, Axl (a growing teen), Sue (a crazy and confused girl) and Brick (a geek and reclusive boy). Her husband Mike (Neil Flynn) serves as a stabilising influence in the family, as Frankie has often complained about his lack of affection at times.