Published On : Wed, Aug 19th, 2020

INDIAN CAs Are Able To Carve Niche For Themselves At Any Place in World – Amarjit Chopra

Recently Nagpur Branch of WIRC of ICAI, successfully hosted Webinar on – “OPPORTUNITIES AT USA”. The current global health crisis in the form of COVID-19, has put the things temporarily on pause mode. But, the phase has favourablycompelled us to think that, rendering of services to a client at a distance of 10Kms. or 20000 Kms., through online mode, is one and the same. To carry the said thought process further and to effectively make use of surplus time at disposal, Nagpur Branch organized International Webinar, for helping members to mark their presence in professional arena at abroad including USA, as well.

CA. Amarjit Chopra, New Delhi, Hon. Past President ICAI,lent gracious presence to the webinar and guided the members attending, with his inaugural remarks on the occasion. He congratulated Team Nagpur led by CA KiritKalyani, Chairman, for planning apt webinars at right juncture of time. His commitment to serve the fraternity was evident. Country feels proud because the distinguished speakers from USA for the webinar, belong to India and are bringing laurels, he proudly added. Indian Chartered Accountants are able to carve a niche for themselves at any place in world, including at USA, he opined convincingly.

CA. Amarjit Chopra, shared his experience as regards professional opportunities abroad including at Middle East. He addedthat it gives proud feelings to find around 60 to 70 % CFOs’ are Indian CAs. He shared his experience with respect to Europe as well. If UK is excluded, and thought of Spain, Germany, etc., language can become a barrier to certain extent. But USA can prove to be a good source of opportunities, because of English speaking population there. Before concluding, he appealed the members attending the webinar to listen patiently and get the querries resolved from the apt resource persons.

CA.DhirajKhandelwal, CCM, Vice Chairman of Committee for Export of Professional Services and WTO, graced the occasssion and guided with his key note remarks. He conveyed thatopportunities for CAs are immense at overseas. Professsionals can plan to work from India itself and excel professionally by serving to clients abroad, as well, he opined. CAs are able to render services to any part of world. Webinar will serve the purpose for members of Nagpur Branch to find newer opportunities and / or resolve queries, doubts, etc. He added to his remarks and said that three basic ingredients viz. knowledge of language, culture andrequired infrastructure, are the prerequisites to think favorably in the proposed direction. He wished all good wishes to Chairman CA KiritN. Kalyani and Nagpur Branch in its ventures to serve the members in profession.

CA. Rakesh Jain, Former Chairman, US Chapter of ICAI, deliberated nicely as a resource person on the occassion. Strategising is must to excel in profession, he said. He appealed the members to follow tier three approach to effectively explore professional opportunities at USA.He went on to add that its must to have required credentials and tools, knowledge of legal structure to avoid any sort of possible litigations and effective execution and delivery of work, are the required keys to success. He guided as regards CPA Qualification which is prerequisite to start practicing at USA. Also, it is required to have attestation and auditing services, he added. Registration with IRS is required to go for consultancy in the matter of taxation, he added. For instance, if planning to serve in the field of book-writing services, he said that everything is driven by tax return preparation services eventually. Hence, it needs to be in coordination with the consultant for the same, so as to ensure one stop shop for the required services, he remarked.

CA. Aradhana Aggarwal, Former Chairperson, US Chapter of ICAI, shouldered responsibility to guide as another resource person, very effectively. Services that can be provided while being in India, were discussed. Types of services majorly pertain to regulated and non-regulated markets, she conveyed. As regards first one, generally assurance services are the required major services and for that CPA Qualification is must. For second sort of services, accounting, advisory, management consultancy, etc. can be thought of. She also guided with respect to forms and compliances. US is a land of opportunities on one hand and land of laws on other hand, she remarked. Changing landscape of technology, client satisfaction, integrate applications including erp systems, accounting softwares, tax softwares, etc. and knowledge of informal culture at USA, need to be duly considered to plan and provide effective professional services, in the long run, she opined.

CA. Praveen Jain, USA, the third speaker on the occasion, also guided effectively. Since 2015, reporting for FATCA Compliances is in place, he said. Clients having US Corporation Entitites need to comply with various prescribed forms, he conveyed. He guided with respect to financial control concept, transfer pricing, reporting requirements with respect to related party transactions, etc. and penal provisionsfor non-compliances. He guided with respect to the CPA Examination. Prescribed procedure and formalities were dealt in detail by the speaker.

CA. Kirit N. Kalyani, Chairman, Nagpur Branch of ICAI, in his welcome remarks, extended warm welcome to the attendees of the webinar. He further welcomed CA Amarjit Chopra, Hon. Past President, ICAI, Chief Guest and CA DhirajKhandelwal, Hon. CCM, for gracing the International Webinar with their valuable presence and agreeing to guide the members, as well. Chairman also duly welcomed, the speakers from beyond geographical borders,who had agreed to take great efforts and share their treasure of knowledge with respect to scope for export of professional services, beyond borders.

CA. Kirit N. Kalyani, went further to add that, unfortunate slow down, set backs, etc. because of outbreak of COVID 19, are bound to be over, at the earliest possible time.To make members aware of the various appealing areas in profession at USA which is fondly known as land of opportunities, Nagpur Branch has organizedthis webinar in the best manner possible, for serving the members, he remarked. He revived previous intereactions with resource persons and conveyed that US People know about the strength of Indian CAs being high cultural values, knowledge of English, adaptability, hardworking, passion, etc. and all these core factors need to effectively channelized to explore the opportunities in store, he added. Before concluding, healso appealed the attendees to remain in touch with efforts and ventures of Nagpur Branch to stay updated at all times.

CA AkshayGulhane, Chairman WICASA, effectively coordinated the webinar. He along with Chairman CA KiritKalyani, moderated the questions raised during the program and helped resolve the same through speakers. CAJitendraSaglani, Secretary,proposed formal vote of thanks on the occasssion.

Prominently present among the attendees included CA SaketBagdia, Vice Chairman, CA Sanjay Agrawal, Treasurer, CA Suren Duragkar, Immediate Past Chairman, CA Harish Rangwani, Committee Member, CA Arvind Bhansali, CA Rajesh Bora,CA Mohinder Chawla, CA Hitesh Gadhiya, CA Meera Dsouza, CAYogeshKabra and more than 250 CAs.