Published On : Mon, Jul 6th, 2020

Indian Academy of Pediatrics conducted a webinar on the topic -E learning

Ms. AnupamaSagdeo, Principal DPS Lava, Dr. ShubhadaKhirwadkar,Pediatrician, Adolescent Expert and President IAP Nagpur and Dr. VardhamanKankariya, Eye Specialist, State Secretary Maharashtra Ophthalmological Society, were the panelists .

Ms. Sagdeo shared that all that the school expects from parents is to accept the online classes with openness, prioritise and reduce their wards passive screen time, and monitor the ward during the class. Teachers, she said, were working hard to make the online classes as engaging and as stress free as possible.

Virtual Birthday Celebrations,Virtual Picnics, Star of the Week, Life Skills through School Cinema, small practices in Mindfulness, the Club activities like Aerobics, Yoga, Music, Art and Craft and Dance, scheduled in the evening, were some of the ways in which children enjoyed emotional – social bonding…they were alone yet together. E – Learning is a boon in disguise for it will help us make our students future ready.

Dr. Khirwadkar talked about psycho -social needs of the students, effect on mental health due to exposure to media and the precautions that will help reduce anxiety levels and increase the attention span of the children.

Supervision, sharing, communication and prioritising the digital time is the need of the hour.

Dr. Kankariya stressed that parents should be aware of the Rule of 20 and Computer Ergonomics and ensure that their children use a big non reflective screen where brightness is low and the font size appropriate.
The webinar was seamlessly moderated by Dr. Dabhadkar and Dr. Swati Ghate.