Published On : Thu, Sep 23rd, 2021

India Peace Centre All India Speech Contest Post Event

The Grand Finale of all-India Speech Contest on Peace was held on the occasion of World Peace Day on 21st Sept 2021. The event was coordinated by Dr Tejinder Singh Rawal, Director India Peace Centre in association with Monica Dixit, President Nagpur Toastmasters Club who was the contest chair.

Speaking on the occasion Dr Rawal said that the International Day of Peace is celebrated to commemorate the day through education and public awareness on issues related to peace. India Peace Centre has been observing Peace Day every year by conducting its mega event, the Peace Cycling Rally.

This year, because of pandemic protocols and to have a wider impact, an All India Speech Competition was organized on the theme of Peace. He welcomed all participants, the team, and the viewers to the mega event.

Dr Rawal said, “India Peace Centre is a non-profit organisation, established in 1988 that works primarily in the domain of Child & Youth Development, Gender, Water, Employment, Human Rights, Health, Energy & Environment, Specially Abled, Minority, Governance, Art & Culture and Agriculture.The primary focus area of the organisation is promoting interfaith dialogue and addressing global warming, nuclear disarmament, ecological and environmental concerns.”
“Entries were invited from resident Indians of all ages. The topic for the preliminary round was“What Constitutes Peace in the Indian Context”. The participants had submitted an audio recording of the duration of 3 minutes. Entries were received from various parts of the country. A panel of judges screened the entries and participants were selected for the finale. The judges for the event were DrAliakbarMaimoon, Dr John Menachary, DrYugalRayulu, NiyamatChimthanawala, MohnishZade. BrajeshGolhani was the Zoom Master, Gauri Dixit was the Timer.

“ Dr Rawal further said, “The grand finale was held on 21st Sept. over the Zoom platform. The topic for the finale wasWhy Peace is Better: Benefits of Living in Harmony. The following participants were declared the winners: Pushpa Nair ( First Position), MamtaKumari ( Second Position) TejalBaranga ( Third position) AdityaMadne, Alefia Master, Saniara Khan, NazninChimthanawala ( all runners up). This event provided a great opportunity for the participants to express their views on creating a more peaceful society. It also participants to hone their oratory skills.”

The entire process was handled by Nagpur Toastmasters Club who screened entries, provided all technical support and also juried the event.