Published On : Fri, Oct 25th, 2013

Ind-Aus One Day : Cricket buffs line up for tickets at sale counters since night

Mad Rush for ticket at 11 pm

Die hard Fans

Nagpur News.

As India-Australia one day match draws nearer, the craze to watch it live in Nagpur has reached crescendo among the city cricket buffs. So much so that the cancellation of online sale of tickets failed to deter the fans’ excitement any bit. The physical sale of tickets would commence from October 25 and the die-hard fans did not mind reaching the ticket sale counters on Friday night itself. Many of them had even planned to spend whole night at the counter to ensure they did not miss the tickets. A scene at St. Ursula Ground where the sale of tickets has been arranged exuded the cheers and enthusiasm from the cricket fans.

The scene was just like a mad rush. A long queue was seen at the ground with the fans in their usual hoorah mood. As our lensman drove the focus upon these game enthusiasts they shed all inhibitions and reverted with all the zest.


Mad Rush at Mid-Night

Vidarbha Cricket Association has submitted application with the government seeking permission for online tickets sale, but was yet to get the permission. VCA president Prakash Dixit then decided to postpone the online tickets sale.

On October 19, VCA had announced online ticket sales from October 24. Following the controversy over fire no-objection certificate, District Collector Saurabh Rao held joint meeting of NMC fire and emergency services department, VCA and police department on October 22. In the meeting, Rao apprised VCA about requirement of approval from the government for online tickets sale, but VCA anyway announced online tickets sale on October 24 and 25.

Night Out for Crazy Cricket Fans

Night Out for Crazy Cricket Fans

On Wednesday evening, VCA announced online ticket sales will not start on October 24 and 25. “Big Tree Entertainment Private Ltd has not received permission for online sale of tickets for ODI scheduled at VCA Stadium, Jamtha, on October 30. There will be no ticket sale on October 24 and 25 for any of the denominations. Physical ticket sales will commence on October 26 from 10am onwards. Sale of Rs 300 and Rs 500 tickets will be at St Ursula School, Civil Lines, while Rs 1,500 and onwards at Bilimoria hall, VCA stadium, Civil Lines.