Published On : Wed, Nov 20th, 2013

Incompletion of syllabus by lecturers cause students to suffer during exams

Many colleges fail to ensure completion of syllabus in time

Nagpur News : Lack of qualified teachers, proper teaching techniques and failing to complete the syllabus in time by the lecturers in the colleges and many other such reasons have led to the problems cropping up among engineering students. One such reason was faced by the students appearing for the third semester examinations of Applied Mathematics on November 19, 2013. The students  claimed that the paper was out of syllabus.

The Winter 2013 Engineering Examination which is underway and another goof up seemed to have occurred in the Question Paper of Applied Mathematics. The students of third semester claimed that questions worth 26 marks in the Mathematics Paper 3 was out of syllabus. As soon as Nagpur Today found that such a blunder was committed during the examination held on November 20, 2013, we found that immediately after getting the information, Dean of engineering RTMNU, Dr Ravindra Khirsagar spoke with the Board Members to clarify if such a incident had actually occurred. After thorough investigation into the matter it was found that the all the questions were very much from the syllabus.

Dr.Khirsagar then informed that the students should have studied the entire syllabus. Their claims that the questions were out of the syllabus are entirely false and baseless.

This incident once again brings to light the fact that the colleges and their faculties are not doing their job of teaching properly or the students are not studying properly. According to information, many colleges don’t even have regular teachers causing the students to miss classes on vital subjects on a regular basis. This results in syllabus not being completed on time. In-turn the students also appear for examinations without proper preparation.

So now who is to be blamed? The students often blame RTMNU for their apathy towards students. But the problem seems to be originating at the college level.

Revaluation process to begin from November 21

On November 20, the Engineering Faculty held a series of meetings to expedite the revaluation process. According to information, RTMNU is expected to announce the revaluation results by November end.