Published On : Mon, Jan 26th, 2015

Illfamous goon’s Afzal Khan mysterious death leads to panic among gangsters

01 (11)Nagpur.

The mentor of notorious gangster Raja Ghouse named Afzal Khan who is said to be the leader of one of the leading gang (Abu Gang and Afzal Gang) passed away in a mysterious manner in Care Hospital in Ramdaspeth on January 25, 2015.

According to sources, Nagpur Today learnt that Afzal Khan was admitted in Care Hospital on January 23, 2015 with a severe pain in the abdomen. The doctors opined that his liver and kidneys were damaged due to regular heavy intake of alcohol. He was undergoing treatment, but on January 25, 2015, late in the night, his condition deteriorated and he died while undergoing treatment. However, Afzal’s death has created panic among various goons and gangsters, since a drastic change in the equations will be observed. The power-shifting from one gang to another will cause various related problems.

02 (5)Afzal Khan with a notorious past

Sources said that Afzal Khan had risen to power among gangs at a very young age. He had made a niche for himself in the gang-world. Many goons owed their allegiance to him. Sources added that he had acquired many properties. While some were brought legitimately, others were usurped (Kabja). He had sold many properties too recently to fulfill his addiction of drinking and smoking ganja. It is also known that he had a good clout among many leaders and politicians too. Afzal had a criminal record too. He was arrested, tried and was sentenced under Maharashtra Prevention of Dangerous Activities Act (MPDA) and Maharashtra Control of Organised Crime Act(MCOCA) too.

Grand funeral

The funeral of Afzal Khan was taken in a grand manner to Taj Bagh Cemetery. Many reputed and ill-reputed people took part in the funeral. Sources added that leaders and goons apart from his-own gang members participated in the funeral amidst tight police security.