Published On : Wed, Jul 15th, 2015

Illegal water connections to be regularized soon: Sandeep Joshi

Water supply grievances to be redressed soon

Sandeep Joshi Jalparday News 15 July 2015

Nagpur: The Water Supply Department of Nagpur Municipal Corporation has disconnected water supply of nearly 8823 consumers. These consumers owe an outstanding arrears amounting to a whopping sum of Rs 53.43 crores to NMC. Apart from this, an amount of Rs 99.26 crores is outstanding arrears of 127000 water consumers. This information was relayed by Chairman of Water Supply Committee Sandeep Joshi while addressing the press meet.
Joshi informed the media personnel that there are a total of Rs 225000 water consumers. Apart from this 50-60 illegal water connections exists in the city. Based on the recent appeal by NMC, only 3500 applications have been received for regularizing their illegal water connections. The Mayor has called a special meeting to address this issue on July 22, 2015 at 11 am.

More than 1000 consumers of illegal water connections, 34 Corporators from 17 Prabhags have been invited in this special meeting so that NMC can play a proactive role in regularizing illegal water-connection s. The amount of Rs 150 Crores (i.e. Rs 53.45 + 99.26 crores) will attract an interest of 30-35%.

It has now been mandatory for the officials to get the No Objection Certificate (NOC) from the Executive Engineer of the Water Supply Department before digging and installing Optic Fibres and Metro Railway work. Failing to get prior permissions will cause the water connections throughout the city to get disconnected.

Joshi also informed the media personnel that a decision will be taken during the Nagpur Environmental Services Limited (NESL) Board Meeting against all those who do not have the Occupancy Certificate. Joshi also claimed that according to an official gazette no new applications for water connections should be stalled.

From July 21, 2015, a Water Supply Committee meeting has been organized in every zone. There will be a meeting organized every day in one or the other zone. This drive will start on July 21, 2015 to July 31, 2015.
It was also informed that from the second week of August, there will be a drive to hold meeting to redress the grievances of consumer on water supply in every zone.

Those who defaulters against whom the water bill is outstanding will be issued a notice to pay the current water bill along with the arrears amount. Joshi went on to add that Orange City Water Limited (OCW) does not have the right to disconnect the water connection. Whenever OCW demands a disconnection of a water connection, NMC gives the permission to disconnect the water supply.

However, what is disconcerting is, how will the outstanding amount be recovered? During the grievance redressal drive, all those who are willing to pay a onetime full and final payment, the interest amount on their outstanding bills will be exempted.

One major problem was also highlighted. He claimed that many water connections are near gutter lines. This in-turn causes pollution or contamination of the water which often comes to fore. He claimed that the problem of contamination will be around 20 %. He added that wherever it is required, the old and deteriorating pipe lines will be replaced. Joshi claimed that at the moment, there is no shortage of water for the citizens. He claimed that there is a fair amount of water reserve to fulfill the needs of the citizens.

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