Published On : Mon, Mar 12th, 2018

Illegal mining going on openly under the nose of District Mining Officer

Nagpur: Though blasting is illegal in Residential and school area yet the blasting is being carried out for exploration near Bhosla Military School premises in Chakki Khapa Village, in collusion with the District Mining Officer.

It may be mentioned that last week ‘Nagpur Today’ had brought to light that blasting was being done for last 26 days for excavation in Chakki Khapa Village. The 10th and 12th standard examination are going on this has been disturbing the students. Ten days after the publication of the news the District Mining Officer Kadu reached the incident site on Saturday 10 March 2018, for inspections but in the name of investigation he tried to cover up the things.

The people present there have expressed their fears that in the alleged illegal mining excavation, the outer ring road contractor company MEP, Bhosala Military school management and Kadu are deeply involved, due to this, Kadu returned without taking any action. Before meeting the said contractor and school management, Kadu had asked to stop exploration from Monday March 12 and had asked to seize the Polain machine. The effect of the exemption after the ministerial rule was that exploration and transport have started in full swing.

According to the people present there, as soon as the Kadu reached near the main gate of Bhosla Military School in Chakki Khapa, he called illegal mining protestor Vivek Sisodia and reached the spot with him. Kadu said that illegal excavation has been done and so asked to seize all the vehicle and machine, and start shooting of the spot.

On getting news of Kadu reaching the spot, the contractor company MEP and representative of Bhosala Military School Management also reached. They took Kadu aside and went to the gate. Soon after returning from there Kadu’s tone changed.

After that Kadu assured the contractor of MEP infront of the people that excavation and transportation without royalty for the works of NHAI can go on. However, according to the law, excavation of mineral wealth and transportation without royalty is illegal. In such a case, the District Mining Officer can take strict action against the excavators and seize the machines and vehicles found at the spot.

It is noteworthy that the Department has given the permission of excavation of 4000 brass under the allotted allocation to the school under the Khasra No. 64/2. The government had allocated 12.5 hectares of land to school management for the school. Out of this, excavation at 0.40 hectares is being done. It is in the middle of the school and its swimming tank. It is time for students of class 10th and 12th examination. The school students are being distrubed daily by blasting. Intense vibrations are felt. It is becoming difficult for the villagers to stay due to the blasting 1 or 2 times daily, the red stones and boulders are removed and taken for the outer ring road construction. Daily at least 80 trips without royalties are done and the government is deprived of revenue.