Published On : Mon, Mar 26th, 2018

Illegal mining benefiting Bhonsala Military School indirectly, alleges social worker

Nagpur : Modi Foundation has threatened to file a PIL in court if the the Highway authority and district administration does not take steps to stop the illegal mining in the hills of Chakki Khapa village which has been harming the ecological balance and causing loss to the government exchequer. The district administration has been continuously getting the complaints to take action against the illegal mining which has been benefiting the Bhonsala Military School and contractor of the outer ring road, but nothing has been done so far.

Social worker Vivek Sisodia has alleged that Bhonsala Military School was constructed by cutting a hill and levelling it at Chakki Khapa area. Gradually the hill behind it was levelled illegally. The school management in order to spread the area of the school allowed illegal excavation and gave material free to the contractor for the outer ring road. The school management got the permission on paper for quarrying 100 brass but actual quarrying was done for more than a lakh of brass. According to the district mining officer and illegal excavator, no special permission is needed to dig the mineral wealth from the government hill or land.

Changes made to save illegal construction
According to the school management, 30 acres government land was given to the school on the recommendation of a ruling party minister. When the work of the ring road started, some land was saved due to alertness of social worker Sisodia and ‘Nagpur Today’. Now the land is being used as a play ground by the school. Even after this, they influenced NHAI’s departmental management for the works of ring road, its culvert, under bridge etc. The construction of these are not being done as per the original map. This is being done to save the illegal land of Bhonsala Military school and give an opportunity to the school management to spread it on the levelled ground.

BSNL cables lying in school premises
Without inviting the tenders for the work of laying the BSNL cables, the work has already started. Though actually the drainage line at the edge of the ring road has to be laid first. The entire material of BSNL have been lying in the premises of Bhonsala Military school.

School manager’s farm gets free water
The swimming tank of the school has been constructed outside the boundary of the school so that the School manager’s farm which is half a km from the school can get continuous supply of water and that to fresh because the borewell water is every day filled in swimming tank and supplied to the farm. No doubt the contractor of the ring road has helped in this. The pipeline has been laid below then ring road and the contractor without disturbing the pipeline has carried out the work of road over it very carefully.

Special service road to reach school
Influencing the NHAI officials the school management got constructed a service road and now once the work of outer ring road is over the school will get the benefit of this service road.