Illegal constructions mushroom as NMC, NIT officials “dump” Completion Certificate rule

Nagpur Improvement Trust
Nagpur News

The mushrooming of illegal constructions all over Nagpur city in recent years could aptly be attributed to shabby attitude and corrupt deals indulged in by two agencies – Nagpur Municipal Corporation and Nagpur Improvement Trust. And the Completion Certificate being the root cause of all this sordid development. It is a known fact that Completion Certificate from NMC and NIT is mandatory for taking possession of completed flat schemes or private buildings. This Completion Certificate facilitates electricity and water connections to the completed constructions. But the two agencies, since years together, are playing truant in handing over the all important document overt or covertly for obvious reasons. The outcome is: A jungle of illegal cement concrete buildings all over the city and untold suffering to the purchasers.

Some officials of NMC and NIT, on the condition of anonymity, said that the rule pertaining to Completion Certificate came into force during tenure of Manukumar Shrivastav as Municipal Commissioner. But after his transfer to Mumbai, the rule of Completion Certificate became a rule of harassment to building owners at the hands of concerned NMC and NIT officials. Situation has come to such a pass that some plot/building owners construct flats/houses and after selling them, vanish from the scene and leave the purchasers to uncertain fate. The purchasers could not take possession of their flats/houses in the absence of mandatory Completion Certificate as they could be deprived of power and water connections. Moreover, the concerned NMC and NIT officials, instead of zeroing on builders and forcing them to procure the Completion Certificate, push the purchasers to untold sufferings for no fault of theirs. And such cases are not in hundreds but in thousands. The builders never keep their promises given to purchasers during construction of flat schemes/houses and resort to inferior construction, inferior water facilities, and encroachments, too, said the officials.

The officials further said the concerned NMC and NIT authorities are more interested in the illegally constructed buildings in the past 10 years or being constructed thereafter for obvious reasons of heavy pockets. These authorities are allegedly prodding the builders to go on constructing illegal flats within flat schemes on the places earmarked for parking and public utility places. The builders indulge in the illegal acts after upgrading the sanctioned maps and getting approved them by hook or crook. Of course, the builders have to pay a “heavy price” to the NIT Trusties and Corporators apart from the concerned officials. But it is a win-win situation for builders and lose-lose proposition for purchasers.

In North Nagpur, hundreds of construction activities have gone beyond the sanctioned maps and this is going on since years. Moreover, big buildings are being constructed in congested and thickly populated areas including Itwari, Mahal, Gandhibagh, Sadar, Jaripatka, Sitabuldi and other innumerable areas, said the officials.