Published On : Tue, Apr 18th, 2017

IIT-D diktat for girl students: Wear fully-covered decent dress

New Delhi: A women’s hostel at the Indian Institute of Technology, Delhi (IITD) has put up a notice asking women to wear “full covered decent western or Indian dresses” on their house day.

House day is an annual event at the institute where residents can invite guests in the hostel for an hour. The event is scheduled for April 20.

The notice, put up at Himadri hostel and signed by the warden, was shared by the inmates with Pinjra Tod – a students fighting against discriminatory rules for women in hostels, universities and colleges.

Calling it an act of moral policing, a member of Pinjra Tod said, “Why do our administrators feel this desperate need to police women wear.”

On being asked about the notice, IITD Registrar Sandeep Chatterjee asked media to speak to the warden of the hostel. media also tried to speak with the Dean Student Affairs, but he was at a meeting.

The story will be updated after the warden and the dean respond.

There are two girls’ hostel at IITD – Himadri and Kailash.

“This is the first time that such a notice has been put up. We have been told verbally in the past to be fully covered but a written notice has been issued for the first time,” said a female student from BTech final year, who lives in Himadri Hostel.

A former student, who lived in the same hostel, said they were given such directions all the time though “no one really followed it and no one was punished for not following it”.