Published On : Tue, Oct 15th, 2019

ZIFI-FDC Ltd breaks world record for pledges received for a health campaign

Mumbai: ZIFI-FDC Ltd has officially broken the Guinness World Records title of the most pledges received for health campaign of completing antibiotic course.

Antibiotic Resistance is one of the major challenges that doctors are facing today worldwide. Antibiotic Non-Compliance has been one of major factors for Antimicrobial Resistance.

To address this raging public health concern of Antibiotics Resistance and Antibiotic non-compliance, ZIFI-FDC Ltd. took the initiative and ran a campaign called ‘Sankalp’, where FDC Spectra Field force involved all key stakeholders like patients, doctors, chemists and paramedical staff by taking a pledge from them for completion of full course of Antibiotic therapy.

ZIFI took the initiative to educate maximum number of patients about the importance of completing the full course of antibiotic therapy and supporting healthcare professionals (Doctor, Paramedical staff & Chemists).

ZIFI through Sankalp Campaign has covered maximum number of people by taking their pledges for completing the full course of antibiotic therapy. 5,69,057 pledges were taken by key stakeholders like doctors, chemists, patients and paramedical staff, thereby breaking the world record which was audited and approved by Guinness World Records.

FDC would like to thank all doctors, patients & chemists involved in this social awareness of completing antibiotic course to reduce the AMR. This global recognition is representation of FDC’s commitment towards wise Antibiotic usage and Compliance, where G. C. Kandpal, Sujit Barge have lived the passion of protecting current Antibiotic with wise usage and Narendra Sharma has executed to the ground in coordination with FDC-Spectra Field force under the able guidance of Masood Shauqi for completing the campaign in specified period. Along with this we appreciate the efforts of Kushal Bhagchandani (Kushaya Crafts) for conceptualising this work and getting the record achievement end to end.

About FDC: “A journey of a million miles begins with a small step.” A young visionary, Anand Chandavarkar, in the backdrop of India’s independence struggle, dreamed of building a world class company in 1936. His vision of freedom was to create, to build, and to industrialize, in order to make the nation self-reliant in healthcare. In 1940, this partnership firm was incorporated as a private limited company – Fairdeal Corporation (Private) Limited and in 1986 its name was changed to FDC Private Limited. Thereafter, FDC became a public limited company, and was listed on the Bombay and National Stock Exchanges of India in 1996.

FDC Ltd. is one of the leading pharma companies based out of Mumbai which is widely recognised for brands like Electral, Enerzal, ZIFI etc. The leading brand in anti-infective category is ZIFI which is the formulation of cefixime. ZIFI is the No.1 prescribed cefixime brand & also it the No.1 prescribed antibiotics among all antibiotics.