Published On : Tue, Dec 30th, 2014

If the situation would have been like today’s, I wouldn’t have left home – says an emotional Krishnakumar Taori


Krishnakumar Taori

Krishnakumar Taori


One of the key speakers at the Nagpur Global summit that concluded yesterday was Krishnakumar Taori or KK Taori as he is called, who is one of the biggest businessmen of Gulf countries, ranked 3rd according to some reports.

He is the group Managing Director of Hasan Juma Backer a company that is into trading and are into civil construction and project management. Their township near Wadi KK Lifestylesis near completion and it is going to be unlike any real estate property available around Nagpur now.

Like many of the other delegates who came for the conference Mr. Taori was born and brought up in Nagpur and left for middle east 30 years ago.

“What made you choose the middle east rather than USA or UK?” NT asked him.

“The question you should be asking is what made me leave my home, my city and my country?” Mr. Taori replies. He continues “back in the 1970s the atmosphere in India for doing any business was so stifling and controlled by the ‘Inspector Raj’ that an enterprising and self respecting individual like me had no option but to leave. If the situation had been anything like how it is now, I would have made my fortune here instead of settling reluctantly in foreign soils and raising my family there”.

KK does not rule out corruption in other parts of the world but it certainly is not as pervasive as in India.

“Rules are transparent and one can conclude a deal and get all requisite permissions in one or two meetings instead of the whole process dragging on for months”. His company is venturing into Western Africa where they are building a dry port and he is impressed about the ease of doing business in that continent too.

But a desire to be close to his roots made him launch the project in Nagpur too. What’s more, when his only son who is studying Business Management at Columbia in USA consulted his parents about what he should do after he finishes his studies, his father said “Go back home to India”.

That is what he will be doing and may be will decide to settle in Nagpur itself.

Meanwhile KK Life style, is Mr. Taori’s tribute to Nagpur. “Builders are considered notorious and customers often get the feeling of having been cheated once they have bought a property and find it is not what had been promised at all. That is why we began selling units in our project after it was over 30% complete and people could see and confirm what they were getting.”

Bulk of the commercial and residential units have already been bought up by NRIs who have heard of the group’s standards and impeccable business reputation.

“But” as KK re assures you ” this is just my first business outing in Nagpur. I shall soon be launching other projects too. This time, I am not going away”.