Published On : Sun, Feb 2nd, 2014

If BJP comes to power, I promise to provide homes to the homeless, clean drinking water, good roads in the city: Nitin Gadkari

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While addressing the 18,000 Booth In-charges of the 1810 Booths (one In-Charge and 12 activists) and the BJP party workers, during the BJP Booth Commitment (Sankalp) Maha Melawa 2014 with the theme Win the Booth, Win Loksabha (Booth Jeeto-Loksabha Jeeto), Former BJP Chief Nitin Gadkari said that If BJP comes to power in the centre, He promised to provide homes to the homeless in the city, clean drinking water and good roads for the denizens of the city of Nagpur.

He said that today, we have a name, popularity, have enjoyed power etc, which many party activists who have been struggling throughout their lives have not got. Yet they continue to work hard for the party. He added that it is not because of the name that they are working, but the ideologies of BJP that they are working. While giving credit to such activists of BJP, he said that it is only because of the hard work of these party workers, that we (Nitin Gadkari and other Leaders) are where we are.

We want to work for the people-centric policies, for our nation. We have a long way to go.

Nitin Gadkari, gave the example of the Prime-Ministerial candidate Narendra Modi. He said that Modi is unmarried. He has his mother and lives in Gujarat. But he has left his house so that he can serve the nation. It is only by such commitment and dedication that BJP can come to power.

MLA Krishna Kopde lauded the enthusiasm of the party workers and the 18,000 booth in-charges and the supporting 10 activists per booth who gathered at the Reshimbagh Grounds in such a small time’s notice. He claimed that the look of Nagpur is slowly changing. He added that for 20 years, the Congress party ruled the nation and the local Congress leaders received almost Rs 20 crores for various development works, but none were utilized for the development of the city. He demanded a CBI inquiry into the whereabouts of the funds and the account of the expenditure. He asked the party workers to collect funds in the boxes which will be given to party workers under the theme one note and one vote. He went on to say that all the leaders (those sitting on the dais would have to start the donation drive by donating Rs 5000 or 10,000.

Party Advisor Sudhakarrao Deshmukh highlighted the need for the party workers to equip themselves with how BJP is better than any other party. He asked them to quote the Inflation, Corruption and Atrocities on Women during the UPA’s regime and the utter failure in curbing the curbing the above mentioned. He highlighted how the prices of petrol and diesel have continuously been hiked. How maximum number of rapes were committed in the past 10 years and how the government could not do anything to curb the menace.

He also took a dig at Chief Minister of Delhi and Aam Admi Party Chief Arvind Kejriwal and said that he has been continuously been taking ill of Congress party and of Sheila Dixit, but joined hands with the same party to form the government.

Mayor Anil Sole highlighted the achievements of NMC and how during their regime, many development works were achieved including garbage collection, Startbus facility and so many other things. However he claimed that the Congress ministers and workers have done everything to prevent from development activities from taking place in the city. He also claimed that it is only because of leaders like Nitin Gadkari who strived to get funds for the development of the city.

MP Banwarilal Purohit came up with a very positive attitude and declared that Narendra Modi will certainly become the Prime Minister and the BJP flag will be definitely be hoisted in Delhi. A leader who is known by everyone as a progressive leader Nitin Gadkari will  definitely win elections. He highlighted the achievements of Nitin Gadkari and said that how Gadkari made an impossible task of making the Pune-Mumbai 4 lane highway in a record amount much less than was quoted by the Reliance company by establishing the MMRDA overnight. He gave the credit of 55 flyovers in Mumbai to Gadkari and even 2 in Nagpur city which has enable smooth traffic flow and an ability to reach Sadar from Airport in much lesser time than was required earlier. He however asked Nitin Gadkari to pay attention to two main deficiencies of Nagpur. First the regularizing of 5000 unauthorized plots and second homes for the homeless in the city.

Devendra Fadnavis in his address to the party workers exhorted the enthusiasm of the party workers and said that the only thing remaining is for the Election Commissioner to declare the date of elections and Nitin Gadkari’s journey to winning the elections will commence. However he said that it is going to be possible only by the hard work of the party workers.

He gave the example of Aurangzeb and Shivaji Maharaj. While relating an incident, during the regime of Aurangzeb, when he was not able to win any war with Shivaji Maharaj, he asked one of the generals, why could he not win in spite of having more number of soldiers and arms, the general replied that Shivaji Maharaja my not have a big army but he has warriors who will neither bow down under pressure, nor sell himself nor will get frightened and flee the war zone. They are brave and will rather die accede defeat. Fadnavis said that it is that kind of spirit that BJP workers should possess to ensure victory in the coming elections. He warned that the coming elections are a very crucial one and the hard work done now alone will decide who will become the Prime Minister of the nation.