Published On : Wed, Sep 4th, 2013
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IDEAPOKE: Innovation without boundaries!


Ever heard of a crowd-sourced ‘innovation’ ecosystem? Ever witnessed a direct communiqué of students and established industries or an innovation acceleration company? Ever heard of Ideapoke? From idea generation to idea evolution and implementation, something real, something surreal for the technical pupils- Ideapoke: Innovation without boundaries.

In today’s business market a direct way for students to interact with companies and vice versa is actually not that straightforward. Corporations and big industries may achieve it to a certain extent but not the undergrads. So for them, putting this concept into life, Ideapoke is the pristine platform. Working on 3 basic steps, first the companies place questions and challenges, students answer those and in the end, the best solution gets cash reward. Along with this, there’s flourishing scope for internship and job opportunities in future.

What is Ideapoke?

Associated with Government of India- Department of Science, Bravolucy, Plustxt,  Reverie Language Technologies, Ingenero Technologies Pvt. Ltd. and umpteen, seed funded by Saven Technologies,, an online venture which provides a social innovation platform to harness the collective intelligence of employees, customers, vendors or partners to solve business challenges. Ideapoke enables capture of ideas & feedback anywhere, anytime and allows a unique way of filtering and selecting ideas that align with the enterprises strategic goals. Rewards, incentives and transparency into how ideas are executed provide the motivation to engage the different stakeholders.

About the University-Industry connect program:

University Industry connect program was designed by Ideapoke’s core team based on their interactions with various industry and academic partners. It has been a common grouse of industry, that graduates churned by Indian universities, lack the practical skills which industry desires and the courses are much theory oriented. Hence we designed the University Industry program in which Industry acts as an important contributor to develop tomorrow’s corporate citizens, be it engineers, finance managers, marketers, etc. As part of the program, the company basically, offloads part of their regular day to day problem solving to students. As part of this program, they are targeting students from all colleges in India. They encourage not only engineering and business school students, but also those studying for pure sciences and humanities. A lot of corporate companies are also seeking solutions from students from backgrounds such as micro-biology, chemistry, economics, sociology, political sciences, etc.

Ambassador opportunity for students:

Engage- Socialize- Innovate.

For developing and fostering the synergic relationship between Indian industries and students/teachers/research scholars, for promotion, ambassadors (5-10 per college) are appointed to deal with students from respective educational institutes. The basic objective is to spread the notion of Ideapoke with the help of presentations, seminars, posters, pamphlets, informal talks, etc for encouraging their college mates to participate actively in the challenges posted. No registration fee for this ambassador application. Whereas, Ideapoke awards the ambassador with a certificate and has internship preference with Ideapoke. Students can log on to their website, register and be a part of the platform which is eventually growing to be world’s No.1 crowd-sourced innovation ecosystem.


Shalaka Kulkarni