Published On : Fri, Mar 31st, 2017

ICADians outsmart others in JEE

Nagpur: The ICADians, time and again, are grabbing the headlines for excellence in every Engineering Exams, National and International Olympiads since the past 3 years. The process of excelling started in 2014 when two ICADians stood First Merit in Maharashtra State Board Examination from General and Reserved Category. In past 3 years, ICADians excelled further when 4 ICADians crossed prestigious 300 score in JEE (Main), while only 2 students of nearest institute could achieve this feat.

In JEE Advanced too, ICADians outnumbered others when 2 ICADians Rupanshu Ganvir (AIR 24, 2014) and Anuj Apte (AIR 79, 2015) got into first 100 AIR, while only one student of other institutes could achieve this feat. As far as Top 1000 AIR is concerned, 11 ICADians got in prestigious first 1000 AIR of JEE (Advanced) surpassing other institutes. In BITSAT too, ICADians have shown scintillating performance and outnumbered others again. 6 ICADians crossed prestigious 400 score in BITSAT since 2014 wherein 2 ICADians Ameya Prabhune (431/450, 2014) and Abhijit Bhure (442/450) stood Maharashtra State and All India Toppers in BITSAT respectively.

MHT-CET was introduced again last year. In very first year, ICADian Janmejay Kulkarni (189/200) topped Vidarbha. Notably, now Central Government again introduced ‘One Nation- One Exam -JEE’. Though every other institute is claiming National and International Medals. It is only 3 ICADians who officially represented India in International Olympiads in last three years and won 6 Medals for India, 1 Gold, 2 Silver, and 3 Bronze. These include Rupanshu Ganvir (1), Anuj Apte (3), and Pranjal Warade (2). None of the student of other institutes of Nagpur could represent India in International Olympiads in last 3 years. In last 3 years, 9 ICADians were qualified for National Olympiad Camp (top 30 students of India), and 6 ICADians, Rupanshu Ganvir, S. Vishwanathan, Sarvesh Bandhokar, Pranjal Warade, Sameer Pande, and Ameya Prabhune won medals over there. This feat again achieved only by ICADians.

In KVPY and AMTI, ICADians are distinctly ahead of others. With 9 final KVPY scholarship winners and 9 final AMTI Top 20 rankers, ICADians are leading the tally. Distinguished ICADians winning KVPY fellowship include Anuj Apte, Pranjal Warade, Ashwin Tayade, Kartik Venkatraman, Abhijeet Bhure, Mandar Bhurchandi, Sameer Pande, Harsh Dolhare and Nachiket Deoghare. When none of the students of other institutes could get in final top 20 AIR of AMTI, 9 ICADians Sameer Pande (AIR 2), Anurag Bharadwaj (AIR 6), Harsh Dolhare (AIR 6), Pranjal Warade (AIR 7), Rupanshu Ganvir (AIR 9), Ashwin Tayade (AIR 18, 2014), Suraj Hazra (AIR 12), Shovan Swain (AIR 11) and Ashwin Tayade (AIR 9, 2015) could get into top 20 AIR list of this toughest Mathematics Examination. ICAD management is confident of creating such awesome result in years to come. The process of creating and nurturing talent is truly started.