Published On : Sun, Oct 12th, 2014

I shall bring progress and prosperity to North Nagpur, says Kishor Gajbhiye, BSP

” The main issue in North Nagpur is the lack of tangible developmentProjects are announced, their Bhoomipujan is done, but nothing really materializes. We have no good schools, colleges or even one running Government hospital. No parks and playgrounds for our children; and for our dead, not a decent crematorium either!” rues Mr. Kishor Gajbhiye, IAS (retd) who is contesting Vidhan Sabha elections from North Nagpur as the official BSP candidate.


“I am an ambitious person and I always achieve anything I set out to do. Though coming from a very poor background I wanted to be an Engineer and I got to become one from the prestigious Viswesvaraiya College of Engg, Nagpur. I became a Class one officer, then I dreamt of becoming an IAS officer, I passed the exams and joined the Administrative services; became a Commissioner, a Secretary to the Government of Maharashtra but then I wanted to branch off full time into social service so I resigned from my lucrative service. Joining politics was a natural extension” said Mr. Kishor Gajbhiye in an exclusive interview withNagpur Today this morning.

Mr. Gajbhiye is a self made man who began his schooling in a humble Municipality school but culminated it by getting an MA in Public Administration from the well known Syracuse University at New York, USA.

“If elected as an MLA, I will strive hard to fulfill the ambitions of my constituency and its people too” he said.

The main issues on his agenda are – Legalizing slums ( jhopadpattis) in Besonbag, Kausalya Nagar, Yashodhara Nagar. Khobragade Nagar and Adarsha Nagar where poor people have been dwelling since 30 years without having their legitimate demands met. Ensuring that the Babasaheb Ambedkar Hospital at Indora which is called a Superspecialty hospital but has no Doctors,nurses or even adequate medicines becomes a fully equipped and staffed hospital Mr. Gajbhiye stated.

“Uppalwadi Industrial Estate which is the first industrial Estate of Nagpur and has many SSI units has many sich units due to official neglect ” I will try and rectify the situation he said.


“Our present MLA, who has also been a Minister is very prompt in doing Bhoomipuja of various projects like Guru Govind Singh Stadium at Budhaji Nagar, Swimming pool at Vaishali Nagar, a ‘Haj house’ in Asinagar and a Transport Plaza at Pilli nadi, but none of them are anywhere near completion since ten to fifteen years. Isn’t this making a mockery of people’s wishes?” Asked Mr. Gajbhiye,

He also pointed out that a Public Library at Lashkaribag has remained incomplete since last ten years and the much publicized Dr. Babasaheb Ambedkar patwardhan ground hasn’t got Government’s sanction even till now.

“Starting a BPO and an IT park, developing Uppalwadi to its full potential and building of play grounds for children will be my endeavour” promises Kishor Gajbhiye.

He concluded that he has such clear vision and plans for all sections of society that more and more people of all castes and communities are coming out in his support and he is very positive about winning the elections on the 15th.