Published On : Sat, Dec 15th, 2012

“I don’t know why I’m overweight”

There were two friends named Toko and Roko, both weighed 100kg each. Both friends were upset with their weight and the comments been passed by their family, relatives & friends. One day both decided to shed the extra flab away. Roko was an active and energetic chap; he joined gym and started with his schedule. Toko was not a fan of the gym, so he was looking for another way to shed his extra weight. Two weeks passed and Roko had almost lost 4-5kgs but Toko was still looking for another way. Roko spent two hours in a gym with strict crash diet and was really happy with the way he was losing weight. Toko was advised by someone to meet a Health expert and after meeting he agreed to follow what was been advised to him. Four weeks passed, Roko had lost 6-7kgs whereas Toko had just started with his process of losing 500gms. After six weeks, Roko’s weight had freezed and Toko was losing minimum weight (0.5-1kg) effortlessly every week. Roko raised his gym hours by extra 60mins in evenings and was only on fruit diet, whereas Toko without having to diet was reaching his goal effortlessly. After three months both checked their weight, Roko was 92kgs whereas Toko was 88kgs. What was that Toko did and Roko dint?

If you are one among who is tired of the extra fat no matter what you did to shed it away and you don’t even know the reason why you fat. Gym, ground exercise, diets, waist bands, slimming pills, extra supplements etc. then there are variety of reasons.

  1. Majority of us commit the mistake of getting on a strict diet once we start gymming. Any diet alters your eating habits and sends a confused message to our body. The consequence of it pulls in additional weight.
  2. We skip meals giving ourselves silly excuses.
  3. We don’t check our compatibility with the plan of action we are about to follow.
  4. Have you asked yourself these questions?

v Why did I put on weight all of a sudden?

v Does it have to do with my thyroids/hormonal imbalance?

v Does it have to do with any medications I’m on?

v Does it have to do with any medical issues?

v Does it have to do with my eating habits?

v Does it have to do with my emotional issues?

v Does it have to do with the stress in my life?

v Does it have to do with my lifestyle?

v Does it have to do with any self limiting-beliefs?

v Did I consult a health expert about losing weight?

Majority of people just jump into action of losing weight without any guidance and then are trapped in a vicious circle.

-Aliakbar Shabbir (Integrative Health Coach)