Published On : Sat, Mar 30th, 2013

I didn’t like the orange here: Ayushman Khurana


Nagpur Today gets an exclusive interview with the Vicky Donor hero Ayushman Khurana and this tall, dark, handsome hunk shared heart to us.

Excerpt from the Interview


Nagpur Today: Hey Ayushman how are you?
Ayushman Khurana: All well dude, you tell me how is Nagpur today?

Nagpur Today: Hot!!!
Ayushman Khurana: 100% but somebody told me it’s just the beginning.

Nagpur Today: How is life after Vicky donor success?
Ayushman Khurana  : Life is beautiful, life after Vicky donor is been great , before I use to ask questions now I answer questions , it’s a gradual transformation from Theatre , Radio , TV and then films, so life is good.

Nagpur Today: Now theatre brings you back in the character you play in Nautanki Saala.
Ayushman Khurana : Yes off course, my character in the film is Ram parmar an ambitious, good hearted  but it’s like a conflict between “Ram hai kee Raavan hai” and this guy Mandar lele played by Kunal Roy Kapoor who is completely dependent on him . It’s a querty love triangle

Nagpur Today: The poster has your ten heads. So what are the ten “Roops” of Ayushman like?
Ayushman Khurana: No there are no ten roop of Ayushman- in fact there is just two in which it’s a conflict of “Ram & Raavan”

Nagpur Today: Pani Da is still a national rage & your other song in Nautanki sala “saadi gali”is getting popular day by day.
Ayushman Khurana: I m happy people like my composition; in fact saadi gaali was composed before Pani Da.

Nagpur Today: So was there a heart break because your compositions are good for ones who had a lost love story.
Ayushman Khurana: No yaa!!! In fact I have never had heart breaks in my life I don’t know the feeling yea my songs touch and people like it.

Nagpur Today: How did you find Nagpur?
Ayushman Khurana: From the Airport till the Hotel is green, lush but still too hot!! and somebody told me Nagpur is famous for oranges ,so I reached the hotel, had an orange which I didn’t like. I think the best orange I had was in my hometown, Chandigarh!!!

Nagpur Today: In the film you save Mandar lele’s life played by Kunal, in real life have you saved someone’s life?
Ayushman Khurana : In real life I haven’t but still ,and I wish I don’t get chance like that because I just don’t want people to lose themselves of any problem and commit suicide.

Nagpur Today: What should the audience expect before they hit the box office to watch Nautanki Sala?
Ayushman Khurana: It is a 2 hour love triangle, it’s not slapstick and it is a entertaining films to watch. So go watch my film releasing on 12th April.

: Yash raj Trivedi