Published On : Mon, May 28th, 2018

Husband-wife duo attacked with swords over hut in Yashodhara Nagar

Attacked by Swords in Yashodhara Nagar

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Nagpur: A group of 7-8 miscreants, including a couple, attacked a husband-wife duo with swords and sticks over a dispute on construction of hut in Yashodhara Nagar area here on Sunday night.

According to police, On Monday around 2 pm, the accused, Tarannum Ansari (32) and her husband, both residents of Majri, were constructing a hut at a vacant place in front of house of complainant Mohd Fayyaz Ali Mohd Memon (32). When Mohd Fayyaz asked the accused couple not to construct the hut, they abused him and threatened to kill him. Later in the night around 7.30, the accused couple Tarannum Ansari and her husband, their accomplices named Riyaz Panthelewala (28), his brother Sarfuddin (25), Riyaz’s friend Sanu (25), a fruit vendor, and two other accomplices gathered in front of Mohd Fayyaz’s house armed with swords, sticks. All the accused started hurling filthy abuses and attacked him. When wife of Mohd Fayyaz tried to intervene and save her husband, the accused also thrashed her. Accused later vandalised house of Mohd Fayyaz and when he tried to prevail upon the accused, they hit him with swords and sticks. The accused also threatened to kill Mohd Fayyaz and his wife.

Yashodhara Nagar PSI Thakur, based on complaint of Mohd Fayyaz, booked the accused Tarannum Ansari (32) and her husband and their accomplices under Sections 143, 144, 147, 149, 294, 323, 407, 506(B) of the IPC read with Section 4/25 of Arms Act and launched investigations into the matter.