Published On : Tue, Feb 4th, 2020

“Humanity must be practiced and applied truly for healthy society”

“Humanity concept needs to be practiced in all walks of life and applied to society in order to realize its benefits. Concept of human rights must be practiced by society and same can be practiced in progress of Nation” said by Dr S.S. Uttarwar , Principal Of Engineering College and a renowned orator of city.

He was delivering his spiritual discourage on Sant Dyaneshwar and Dyaneshwari during All India Seminar “Quality Progress 2020” at The Institution of Engineers (India), Nagpur. He was delivering the a lecture on life span of Sant Dyaneshwar and his warkari sampraday. in which he further quoted the examples from the life of Sant Dyaneshwar during 14th century. . As per his delivery , even teachings of Sant Dyaneshwar are applicable in todays scenario .

In his lucid delivery , Dr. Uttarwar quotes many teaching of Sant Dyneshwar to audience and create a devotional atmosphere in the hall . He took audience to the era of this great saint and share tragedies of his life and how he overcame it. Dr. Uttarwar narrates the incidences of reciting Vedas from the mouth of buffalo and giving command by Saint Dyaneshwar to a wall to move ahead to welcome Changdeo Maharaj who came there on Tiger to see him. This display of divine power by Sant Dhyneshwar dissolve ego of Changdeo as he was assuming himself a god.

At age of 14 years , Sant Dyaneshwar has translated Bhagwad Geeta in prakrut Marathi by name Dyaneshwari . Bhagwad Geeta was in sanscruit and Majority of people was illiterate at that time and was not aware with contents of Bhagwad Geeta. Sant Dyaneshwar explains them about it. He was a son of Vitthalpant Kulkarni fron Newasa.

His mothers name was Rukminibai. Priests of that era has awarded death sentence to his parents because they had broken the rules of married life which was in force at that time. His parents ends their life by jumping in Indrayani river , in anticipation that , their kids may get support and lively hoods from society. Nivruttinath, Sopan and Muktabai was his siblings. Nivruttinath was his Guru in life. Gahini Nath was guru of Nivrutti Nath.
They all work for betterment of society through teachings of warkari Sampraday.

Sant Dyaneshwar layed his life for society and at the age of 21 took Samadhi at Aalani which is 14 km from Pune.
Program concludes with Pasayadan which was asked by Sant Dyaneshwar to god for betterment of human being.
Dr. Sanjay Uttarwar recites Pasaydan and explain its meaning to audience. Whole atmosphere gets charged by devotional feelings and peace of mind.

Organizers thanked Dr. Uttarwar for his lucid delivery and felicitate him.

All India Semianr “Quality Progress 2020” is being organized by The Institution of Engineers (India), Nagpur Local Centre and Shreyas Quality Management System, Nagpur.

This is the seventeenth year of its organization in which more than 25 teams from various industries. are participating in the team competitions such as Quality Circle, 5 S, Six Sigma etc.