Published On : Fri, Aug 8th, 2014

Humanity flows yet again @ Zero Gravity’s ‘Project Happiness’

Zero Gravity NagpurNagpur Today.

As the city prepares for sharing brotherly bond with their sisters, another bond is working out underneath-the bond of humanity, the bond of compassion that one shares with another. And what can be the biggest achievement than bringing smiles on the faces of those, who crave for it!

With such intentions in mind, the flagship event of NGO ‘Zero Gravity’, the Project happiness, under the name of Dr Shrikant Jichkar Foundation is going to take place on 9th August, 2014. The organizers and members of Zero Gravity having planned a special fair for special kids from different Ashrams and institutes, have designed the event taking up ‘Neon Theme’ this year.

About the project

Maximum happiness to maximum number of people is the key motive behind the initiation of project happiness. Happiness being the ultimate object and purpose of human life, spreading joy, contentment, and pleasant emotions is the endeavor that the organization seek, and are able to achieve the same through their innovatively and specifically designed campaigns, activities and events.

Project Happiness is one such event that is organized every year for around 500 kids from various orphanages and handicapped homes, wherein, kids are gathered under one roof, providing them with an environment of entertainment! The Zero Gravity do the decor work in-house, and set the stage and activities themselves. The kids lose themselves in the fun arena, which sure is an eternal bliss to watch. The highlights of the event would be special games for kids, food, drum circle, Dance along, nail art, karaoke and photo booth. It has been five years now, and the organization invite denizens to grace the event with their presence, where they may get a chance to put smiles on many faces.