Published On : Fri, Nov 6th, 2015

Human decoy to be used for Chhota Rajan even while in CBI custody

Some politically connected people and some law enforcement personnel too pose a threat to Rajan who is now in CBI custody

Chota Rajan
New Delhi/ Nagpur:
Chhota Rajan was brought back to India early on Friday morning, and whisked straight to the CBI headquarters. In anticipation of a massive media presence at the airport, the CBI used a decoy car to ward them off. However, it isn’t this particular decoy that’s raising eyebrows. Instead, it’s the human decoy procured by Indian intelligence agencies to keep Rajan safe.

They said, a person of the same height and built has been roped in to confuse possible attackers. The look-alike will be pressed into service right from the time Rajan lands at the Indira Gandhi International Airport at 6 am on Friday, said medias reports.

Rajan faces threats not only from the D Company but also from his own disgruntled gangsters, an assessment report says. While a few of his men have defected and joined Chhota Shakeel, a few others nurture a grudge for not being paid or support by Rajan.

A few politically connected people and some law enforcement personnel too pose a threat to Rajan, sources said, adding that this was why the don was not being taken to Mumbai. In Bali, Rajan himself had accused some Mumbai cops and others of working for arch-rival Dawood Ibrahim.

Both the don and his dummy will get identical security whenever Rajan is taken from his detention centre in south Delhi, either to a hospital or a court. Rajan will travel covertly, possibly in disguise, while his double would commute in a similar car. The sleuths have been asked to put masks on both men during such transit. Around 25-30 commandoes and cops armed with assault rifles, MP5 sub-machine guns and Glock pistols will guard the two men, the sources added.

While finer details of the security plan were not shared, a senior officer in the security establishment told TOI that the drill put in place for SPG protectees and those termed “extremely vulnerable” will be followed.

Officials said Rajan’s security was of supreme importance to the agencies and they could not afford to take any risk.

Any strike on Rajan would shake the confidence of scores of agents and informers spread across gangs in the country and outside.

While it is unlikely that Rajan will be routinely taken to hospital for medical examination or even to courts in the initial days, the biggest worry for sleuths is if Rajan needs to be hospitalized due to his kidney problem, which is reportedly worsening by the day. In that event, sources said, two rooms with identical set-ups will be used and only a “special and verified” team of doctors and nurses will treat Rajan.

The special security plan prepared for Rajan on Tuesday at the CBI headquarters details more than two dozen measures to handle any contingency. The plan has been approved by the Intelligence Bureau chief and national security adviser Ajit Doval briefed about it.