Published On : Fri, Mar 4th, 2016

Hudkeshwar man robbed of Rs 3.19 lakh with stolen ATM cards

Nagpur: A 52-year old man paid the price for keeping door of his ajar as a burglar laid hands on ATM cards and withdrew Rs 3.19 lakh. The accused pilferer has been booked but not arrested even though he has been identified.

The victim house-owner Mahendra Dhanraj Bokde (52) of Plot No. 14, Kavita Point, Beldar Nagar in Hudkeshwar area, had made a mistake by keeping the door of his house open. Taking advantage of the “open invitation,” the accused Sumit Rajkumar Chaurey, resident of Dighori, beside crematorium. Sumit entered Mahendra’s house slyly and stole ATM cards of Central Bank of India kept in the drawer of a table in bedroom. With the stolen ATM cards, the accused Sumit robbed Mahendra to the tune of Rs 3.19 lakh by way of direct withdrawal or swapping between 13.11.2015 and 25.1.2016. When Mahendra came to know of the theft, he approached Hudkeshwar police and lodged a complaint.

PSI Navghare has registered a case against the accused Sumit Chaurey under Section 380 of IPC.