Published On : Fri, Feb 8th, 2013
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“HR Practices – Challenges and Opportunities from United Arab Emirates [UAE] Perspective” seminar held at VIA

Nagpur News : VIA HRD Forum Organized the Programme on “HR Practices – Challenges and Opportunities from United Arab Emirates [UAE] Perspective” by Dr. Sandeep Kadwe, Founder & Director of MITCON International, Dubai, Dr. Kadwe is also on the managing committee of Dubai Human Resources Forum since 2003.

Dr. Kadwe said that UAE today has different nationality working in all sectors. There has been a rapid development in the United Arab Emirates (UAE) over the last few years and this has seen a significant increase in the number of national graduates. There has also been a drive by the UAE government to reduce unemployment amongst nationals, and promoting different nationality in UAE for employment opportunities. Presently, there is huge opportunity available in UAE for exports in different sectors like mining, health care, Infrastructure, transmission and power generation, materials, services and other sectors. Government has also liberalized the Visa norms for the people coming for employment. In UAE more than 4 trillion $ of Capital investments are expected in coming 5 years in Oil & gas, Health Sector, Power, Education & Mining, which will open new opportunities for skilled and unskilled labours, materials and equipments and will also increase their demand in coming 5 years. Similarly, demand of exports from India has also increased from UAE. This is the right time for the people to open and look for Business, employment & export opportunities in UAE.

He said, Dubai is the most famous city in the United Arab Emirates located in the Middle East. UAE has a multicultural place where people from all over the world come to live and work together. Because of the good employment opportunities and high quality of child there are many people in different countries seeking employment in UAE. It does not merely often good salaries and a nice place to live. There are several financial and life style advantages that are available to the residents that make it a very attractive place. The major attraction for people who have an employment in UAE is that there are no personal taxes levied against salaries. Therefore, in that respect once you get your salary in hand you own nothing to the government. This results in more disposable income per capita. Many industries in the Middle East and specifically in the United Arab Emirates (UAE) offer a good chance of gaining employment because of rapidly growing business in UAE. Some of these industries are telecommunication, information technology, construction, engineering, oil and gas, media and medicine. UAE population enjoys a high standard of living, with prices such as rent and food comparable to those in the UK. There is no personal tax in the UAE. Most organisations will offer housing/housing allowance as part of the employment package, as well as private healthcare. Similarly, Jobseekers from different groups can face unfair discrimination and are treated equally in the workplace.

Further, Dr. Kadwe in his talk highlighted and explained the UAE dimension for HR and also clarified doubts in the minds of HR professionals in Nagpur. He said any process for which an organization seeks applicants and attracts potential employees is called recruitment; selection refers to the process by which an organization identifies those applicants with the knowledge, skills, abilities, and other characteristics that will help it achieve its goals. The overall aim of the recruitment and selection process is to obtain at minimum cost the number and quality of employees required to satisfy the human resource needs of the organization. Further, Employers try to select and recruit the right candidates. At the same time, job seekers gather information about organizations and current jobs offers; because they cannot gain complete knowledge of all alternatives and their potential characteristics.

Dr. Kadwe said training is not simply a means of arming employees with the skills they need to perform their jobs, it is also often deemed to be representative of an employers’ commitment to their workforce. Performance management is mainly concerned with the individuals’ performance and development. Moreover, Pay is an important feature of HRM and pay also plays an important role in implementing strategies. The way people are paid affects the quality of their work, their attitude towards customers, and their willingness to be flexible and learn new skills. Pay systems as well as working conditions and regulations are important factors in achieving job satisfaction, any decision to stay or leave, is also affected by interaction with other people in the work environment. For example, if an employee is loyal to his supervisor, this will deepen his job satisfaction and may increase his intent to stay. Similarly, compensation plays a significant role in determining the level of satisfaction of employees.

At the Outset, Welcome of Dr. Kadwe was done by Prafull Doshi, President-VIA, Introduction of Speakers was done by Dr. Smita Dabholkar, Convener – VIA-HRD Forum. Ashit Sinha, Advisor HRD Forum, gave vote of thanks and the programme was conducted by Girish Deodhar, Chairman- VIA-HRD Forum.

Different Questions were asked by the Participants and Dr. Kadwe answered them through his personal and practical experiences.

Akash Agrawal, Hon. Secretary, VIA, Industrialists, Young Entrepreneurs’ & students and large number of general public were prominently present in this programme.

Sitting on the Dias from L to R: Smita Dabholkar, Girish Deodhar, Prafull Doshi, Dr. Sandeep Kadwe, Akash Agrawal & Ashit Sinha.