Published On : Mon, Aug 23rd, 2021
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How to use Instagram Live to get 10k followers on Instagram

It wasn’t long ago that you couldn’t describe your career as an Instagram influencer and expect people to be impressed. However, times change, and this is now the new normal. There have also been reports of some companies spending up to half a billion dollars per year on Instagram digital advertising alone to get followers. But nowadays, by using the  Instagram Live feature, you can get 10K followers on Instagram without spending much.


With 2018 witnessing the launch of the Instagram Live feature, this nifty feature has helped enhance brand awareness and customer loyalty.However, in 2021, people are not aware ofusingthe Instagram live feature to gain more followers. As a result, few people who want to increase their popularity and followers quickly buy Instagram live views from various marketing companies.


It’s no surprise that the number of people who want to be Instagram influencers grows every day. Not only for the money but also for the recognition and reputation that comes with it. What can I say? The superficial opinion has begun to count these days, prompting many people to wonder how to gain genuine followers.


Main point is how to select your niche:


If you want to build popularity on Instagram, Instagram Live will be crucial for your strategy. Consider this: when was the last time you liked an account just because it wrote about weird things? It won’t work if you just post a bunch of random photographs and comments; you’ll need to pick a specialty or an area of expertise and feed the folks the goods.


In this manner, you may be sure of attracting an audience by creating attractive videos on Instagram Live. This will assist you in standing out from the crowd and boost your chances of attracting advertisers.


Some tips for your Instagram Live session to get Instagram Followers:


  • Try doing a Q&A Session with the audience. This will create live engaging content for the audience, allowing them to interact while enabling you to address their problems with your custom solutions or products.


  • While everyone joins inwitnessing your Live broadcast, you can take a few moments to say welcome to your audience. At the bottom of the page, your audience’s comments will show. Broadcasters can use the Q&A sticker to see statements by their viewers and decide which ones they want to appear.


  • You can hide unpleasant comments and filter comments that include particular terms to ensure you don’t see inappropriate words in the remarks on your Instagram Live. Toggle the Hide Offensive Comments change from Off to On under Instagram’s settings, go down to Privacy, choose Comments, and then turn the Hide Offensive Comments toggle from Off to On. To filter out comments that contain specific words or phrases, turn on Manual Filter and insert the words or phrases you want to exclude.
  • Always be receptive to feedback. Your audience is the ones most likely interested in your content so that they can scrutinize your content. Take advantage of their feedback and improve upon the aspects of your production to ensure more followers.


  • Once you have gained few followers, the good idea is to promote your Instagram Live videos in advance. This allows you to create hype around your content. For example, try releasing small teasers or hint a sequel in your previous Instagram Live video to create the perfect atmosphere for your next reel.


  • For 24 hours, your Live will be visible on Instagram Stories. You may reuse your video and share it on Instagram Stories, your feed, and IGTV once you’ve saved it to your camera roll. Instagram Live aims to create a sense of urgency.



Therefore you will need to churn out content like never before if you are looking to reach the milestone of 10k followers on Instagram.