Published On : Sat, Jul 24th, 2021
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How to get 10000 Instagram followers in a month?


When working your way up the chains of social media while building your brand, reaching 10,000 followers on Instagram is a common goal for many. Though it might seem simple enough at first, many fail to keep momentum after the first thousand followers. This first tier is quite important to demonstrate if you have what it takes to be a successful influencer in your industry.

So in the beginning, when you just start your business on Instagram you may need to buy Instagram followers for $1 package and also run advertisement on Instagram and other social networks to gain followers quickly. There are many companies like and that provide social media marketing service and help you grow your Instagram followers. You can try $1 package and see the results. If you like you can go for 1000 Instagram followers service twice in a week, combined with your ads on Instagram you will reach 10K Instagram followers in a month.

And amidst all the competition growing your follower base in a month can seem to be quite intimidating. But with persistence and a strategic plan, achieving this huge feat should be possible.

  • Stay on brand and on point:
    Too much diversification at the beginning can prove disastrous since it takes away from the cohesiveness of your brand. To create a strong brand identity, you will first need to focus on consistency. After some time, you will get to know what the audience is expecting from you- something that they enjoy. Once you find your niche stick to it and don’t wander too far off-topic without having a connecting strategy. Having a consistent image helps to gain followers who are most likely interested in what you are doing. In addition, you can buy Instagram followers cheap $1 service from online marketing agencies and that will help you stay on brand.
  • Be active on Instagram:
    Make it a point of being online as long as possible. Be sure to leave comments and likes on other people’s posts and images. This is a great way of getting noticed if you are interacting with users from your targeted segment. Also, reply to all DMs and comments on your posts and always be open to constructive criticism. This will help in more engagement on your posts and gaining 10K Instagram followers


  • Experiment and find your voice:
    If you have been active on Instagram for a long time and have failed to gain any significant traction, chances are there is a flaw in your strategy. Take a break from your regular contents and try to come up with something exciting. Target the right audience and make sure your content reaches them. Online groups and forums are great places to find like-minded individuals. Make sure you also take advantage of the analytics to see which type of contents are receiving the most attention and engagements. A great way to come up with new content strategies is by analysing the competition in the market and finding out what is working best for them. But ensure you do not copy them; these posts can serve as inspirations to help you come up with your own original content. Once you have found the type of content that best resonates with your audience, work towards perfecting the strategy.
  • Get a bird’s eye view of your profile:
    Take a step back and analyse your Instagram profile as a whole (the page with all the squares in it). Do you see something that you don’t like? Is the whole page looking cohesive to you? Make sure to have all high-quality images associated with your brand. Set up Instagram highlights. Update your current bio and add links to your website.
  • Purchase Instagram followers:
    Though this might seem out of place, but buying a handful of real subscribers at the beginning can prove to be quite the boost for your Instagram page. We are not talking about millions of followers overnight. A couple of hundred genuine Instagram followers from reputable sources can prove to be a great head start for your business. So you can buy Instagram followers to boost your campaign. But keep it in mind that this is not the only strategy to grow. This is just to create a snowball effect. The real growth will come from the techniques discussed above and running ads to reach targeted followers.