Published On : Thu, Feb 14th, 2019

How to Pass CompTIA Fc0-u51 Certification Exam

If you belong to the category of those ambitious candidates who want to jump start a career in IT or looking for a career change into IT sector, then CompTIA Fc0-u51 Certificationcan be a great start as it is an entry level exam. This certification issued by a leading IT giant CompTIA is going to be a stepping stone for your career. Also, if you want to take more advanced certifications like CompTIA A+, Security+ and Network+, this certification can help you.

This CompTIA Fc0-u51 is not just an exam for those who wish to make a career in the IT field. There are many fields, which are non IT but require the basic skills and knowledge of IT. With the help of this certification, you will be able to grab those jobs, when compared to those who do not have the Fc0-u51. Many employers also use this certification for training their non IT employees towards the digital world.

This is a great option for the students to check if they have the right potential to take up a job in the IT field. This is a single level exam but covers a broad area of Fc0-u51, and hence it creates a great opportunity for the non-technical students to take a chance in the IT Field Visit website

Exam Summary
This exam is basically just one (FC0-U51), and that is CompTIA Fc0-u51. But from September 2018, a new version has become available (FC0-U61). One needs to take either FC0-51 exam (original version of the exam) or FC0-U61 (a new version of the exam). Both are actual and offeredto candidates.

The exam is going to be on multiple choice questions, and you will have to answer 75 questions in total. The duration given to answer the 75 questions is 60 minutes. You will have to score at least 650 points out of 900 points in this exam in order to get IT Fundamentals.

The candidates do not require any sort of previous experience in order to take this exam. But when you are going formore advanced CompTIA exams, this exam is going to serve as a base. This exam is available in many different languages like English, Portuguese, Japanese, German, Spanish, Korean, Thai, Traditional Chinese and also in Simplified Chinese. So, you do not have to worry at all if the language is a problem for you. You need to pay an exam fee of $119, and you can take the test at any Pearson VUE Testing Centers. You need to book your exam slot in advance in order to take the exam.

What skills will be tested in CompTIA Fc0-u51?
Six important fundamental concepts will be tested as part of this test, which includes:

  • IT Terminology and Basic Concepts: It is very important to understand the basic terminology used in the IT section in order to make a career in it. You should even understand the basic concepts of data and also troubleshooting.
  • Infrastructure: You should have the basic knowledge of installing some basic peripherals to your computer or to the laptop. Along with that, you should have knowledge about how to set a secured Wireless network to the computer or Laptop.
  • Software Development: You should be able to understand the concept of programming languages, interpret the logics, also the categories of programming languages.
  • Applications and Software: You should have a complete idea about the various concepts of an operating system, you should be able to manage the applications on your computer or laptop, the purpose of the application architecture also should be understood.
  • Database Fundamentals: Knowledge about the database methods and fundamentals, their structure and concepts are very important.
  • Security: You should know the importance of integrity and confidentiality. You should also understand the security devicesand the best practice techniques.

Now that you have complete knowledge of the concepts that will be tested, you should get started with the preparation in order to get certified. You can come across numerous ebooks that are easily available on the internet. These books can prove to be the best source of learning. You will find a number of books covering the basics of IT. If you are an IT, student, then these books can be really helpful as you will be able to understand the concepts with ease. But if you are a non IT student or looking for a career change in to IT, then it is always good to attend classroom training.

In classroom training, you will be able to learn each concept in detail which is very important for you as a non IT professional. You will also be able to get all your doubts clarified from your trainer. If you do not have time for the personal classroom sessions, then you can even choose the virtual classroom sessions as they can be really helpful for you to save some time.

You should practice as many sample questions using FC0-U51 exam dumps as possible as that is going to help you. You will be able to understand which concepts are easy for you and which are not. This way you can concentrate on those topics which are tough for you.

This CompTIA Fc0-u51 certification is valid for a lifetime, and hence you need not have to go for any kind of renewal. But there are other certifications, which can help you in your career growth. You can try to take those certifications.

CompTIA Fc0-u51 exam is not really tough, and hence you need not have to worry whether you are an IT student or non IT professional. You will still be able to clear the exam with the right preparation. You will have to spare enough time for the preparation, and that is when you should give the exam. You can happily retake the exam after a few days, even if you are unable to crack the exam in the first attempt. So, you do not have to worry at all but just concentrate on making your basic IT concepts strong and clear.