Published On : Tue, Aug 25th, 2020

How to Figure Out EMI Online using Personal Loan Calculator?

Every day, more people are applying for personal loans online as it offers credit without requiring you to submit collateral. Now, the rising demand for unsecured loans in case of medical emergencies and any other urgent capital requirement have pushed lenders to make it easier for people to apply for it by allowing digital personal loan applications through their websites. Today, it won’t take you much time to apply for a personal loan and submit all the required documents from the convenience of your home.

Before applying for a loan, you should consider checking out the interest rates to ensure that the monthly EMIs can be managed as per your budget. It would be prudent to remember that if you default on a single payment, your credit score will get reduced drastically, and getting loans in the future would become that much more difficult. Also, your lender will add penalty / bounce charges, making the overall cost of your loan that much more. So, to avoid getting into a debt trap, do make sure to check out the personal loan EMI calculator online. This article will help you in using the online calculator effectively.

Provide Accurate Information:

Here are the values you will be asked to enter while using a personal loan EMI calculator:


  • Principal amount
  • Interest rate approved
  • Loan tenure

Choose from Different Loan Options:

Personal loan calculators can give you an idea of the available options. By using them, you can get an idea to plan your finances ahead of time. You might not get the exact offers as you discover while using a personal loan calculator, but you can get a precise idea about which loan option is best for your requirement. To ensure having the correct information, do check out interest calculators from other lenders and compare the results. Different loan options can have different tenure according to your lender, so do make sure that the tenure fits in with your ability to repay to avoid issues with repayments later.

Figure out EMI of a new loan using personal loan EMI calculator online

You can use the online interest calculator to determine your EMI schedule by playing around with the many options to see what fits best according to your requirements. To begin, you must know how much you can pay to your lender every month after covering your monthly expenses. If you have to secure a big loan, you can choose to opt for a longer tenure so that you get more time to make the repayments for your loan. It is vital to make this calculation to ensure that you won’t default the payment or get additional burden on yourself.

Figure out EMI with an existing loan using personal loan EMI calculator online

At times, you already have a loan and need to apply for a personal loan to get additional credit. In such a case, you should use an online EMI calculator to ensure that your loan application gets accepted. The calculator will help you get an idea if your new monthly EMI obligations along with the one already existing is within your budget. You can find the right tenure for the new loan so that you do not get any issues in making payments later.


Availing a personal loan can help you get quick credit to fulfil your financial requirements instantly. Still, you need to understand that it is itself a liability and needs to be planned. So, before filling out a personal loan application, do make sure that it won’t hamper your finances in a way that you might have to compromise on your lifestyle in the future.

You can check out an online personal loan EMI calculator to plan out your loan and apply with the right tenure; it will help you plan out your finances ahead of time.