Published On : Sat, Jun 13th, 2015

Hotel DJ abducts, strips minor then puts pics on social media

Nagpur: A 17-year-old student of Standard XII was allegedly photographed in the naked while being tortured blindfolded by his abductors who uploaded such pictures on the social media after whisking him away in a car from Futala lake side on Thursday following an earlier dispute. The abductors later freed the minor, who is also boyfriend of a top Congress politician s daughter, after torturing him for around six hours. Sources stated that Karan Thakkar, complainant in the case, had sprayed some paint on a car that belonged to Utkarsh Rai alias DJ Rai.

It is learnt that Rai, who belongs to an influential family, is also engaged as DJ at a reputed hotel in Sadar. A miffed Rai, with the help of three others, picked up Thakkar from Futala lakeside where he was enjoying with his friends. Apart from torturing Thakkar, Rai also made a demand of Rs 50,000 from the minor s family to compensate for the damage to the car.

He is also learnt to have snatched Rs 600 from Thakkar to fill fuel in his car from a petrol pump near Wadi. Thakkar claimed he was immediately blindfolded in the car after being kidnapped. Police stated that Thakkar s girlfriend, daughter of an influential politician from Vidarbha, had complained about Rai s sister having picked up a fight with her.

The girls had a verbal duel, it is learnt. Thakkar, aiming to avenge his girlfriend s humiliation, targeted Rai s car after spotting the four-wheeler parked at Canal Road. Rai, after coming to know of Thakkar s action, decided to teach him a lesson.

He took Thakkar to an undisclosed location on the pretext of sorting out the issue but started torturing him instead. Rai is learnt to have also made Thakkar s mother, now in Raipur to manage a marriage event which is her business, listen to her son while torturing the minor. The hassled mother requested Rai to spare her son allowing some time for her to return and compensate the damage to car.

Rai continued his torture of the youth until Thakkar s maternal uncle is learnt to have intervened. Convinced by Thakkar s kin, Rai and other freed the minor near RBI square. Thakkar s friends and his kin were also stunned seeing his tortured photos on social media.

They started making hectic calls to each other to know about Thakkar. Realizing the photos could lead to trouble, Rai and other tried to remove them from social sites destroying the digital evidence. Senior PI of Gittikhadan police station Sunil Bonde said Rai and his three friends have been charged with kidnapping, armed robbery, extortion and other relevant sections of Indian Penal Code (IPC) and IT Act.

“We have sent two teams to nab Rai and his friends,” said Bonde. He assured they would be arrested soon