Published On : Fri, Sep 9th, 2016

Horrifying rise in incidence of TB patients in Nagpur District

Representational Pic

Representational Pic

Nagpur: Though fighting the dreaded and debilitating disease of tuberculosis (T.B.) has been on the radar of both state and central governments for many decades,instead of seeing a decrease, TB seems to be winning the war by claiming more and more victims. What is more scary is, that new victims are being detected while the chronic (old) ones are yet to be cured.

TB is not genetic, but it is highly infectious and a patient has to take sustained treatment for months before being completely cured. If he leaves treatment half way he can be affected by an antibiotic resistant virus which is then difficult to cure. The bad news is that other persons he infects will also suffer from this dreaded resistant virus.

In this background it is shocking to learn that over 1048 new patients have been added in the last four months in Nagpur District.

Last year, only in the one month of August over 3000 new patients had been added.

Gadchiroli, Chandrapur, Bhandara and Gondia are regions affected most by TB.

In cities, slums, jhopadpattis, congested chawls, dusty and dirty areas are more prone to have patients suffering from this ailment.

More the reason why local authorities should pay more attention to both garbage clearance, cleanliness drives and sending Social workers and health workers to identify TB patients.