Published On : Sat, May 2nd, 2015

“Horn OK Please” banned in Maharashtra to curb noise pollution

State Transport Department has banned the display of ‘Horn OK Please’ on the rear side of almost all trucks, autos and other commercial vehicles across the State. Violation would attract fine of Rs 500, cancellation of permit and non-issuance of fitness certificate.

horn Ok Please

The ancient and historic phrase or words “Horn OK Please” written on the rear side of almost all trucks, autos and other commercial vehicles across the country would be history in Maharashtra as the State Government has banned the display ostensibly to curb noise pollution. The much seen words from Kashmir to Kanyakumari and Mumbai to Kolkata would vanish as the Maharashtra Transport Department has banned the display of ‘Horn OK Please’ across the State.

The idea behind the ban of ‘Horn OK Please’ is aimed at easing the controlling the noise pollution. The display of the words apparently encouraged or say forced the following vehicles to honk the horns unnecessarily while overtaking. The harsh horns led to increase in noise pollution and nasty irritation.

A big market has turned for harsh flaring, fancy and whimsical horns with turnover in crores and crores. Many companies jumped into manufacture of horns of their choice and customers, as well. Costs are high, too. Many motorcycle brands, specifically the Bullet motorcycle, have cracker horn. The cracker horn leaves other vehicle users or pedestrians with heartbeats raising apart from creating noise pollution of high level. These types of horns should also be banned.

Now, the display of the words ‘Horn OK Please’ would be violation of Section 134 (1) of the Maharashtra Motor Vehicle Rules, according to the circular. The offenders would be fined Rs 500 and there is also provision of cancelling the permits and non-issuance of fitness certificate.

The ban has been welcomed by crusaders against noise pollution like Srinu Viyanwar, Pradeep Pali, Mukesh Singh, Dinesh Damahe, Anil Machle and other experts. According to standards, sound more than 85 decibel increases the risk of deafness. If the sound level reaches 90 decibel or more it fatally affects brain. According to Babu Naidu and Bablu Thakur, the display of phrase ‘Horn OK Please’ was okay when roads and lanes were narrow. Today, roads and lanes are considerably wide. In the wider roads, honking of horn is not necessary. The wide usage of turn indicators instead of horns would also certainly curb the noise pollution, asserted the experts.

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