Published On : Mon, Jul 8th, 2019

Honesty on display: 3 girl students deposit purse they found on road in police station

Nagpur: In a display of honesty and responsible citizen, three girl students of Sindhu College, Pachpaoli, deposited a purse containing cash and other valuables they found lying on road in police station. The cops in turn found the rightful owner and handed him over his purse. The honesty of the girls is being appreciated.

It all happened when the three girl students – Alfiya Sheikh Abdul Kamal Sheikh (18) of Bangali Panja, Mamata Mannulal Tiwari (18) of Hansapuri and Niki Anil Gupta (19) of Baranal Square, Indira Nagar – were going to their college around 10 am on Monday. Midway, they spotted a purse lying on road.

The girls lifted the purse and immediately deposited in Pachpaoli Police Station. The cops searched the purse. It contained Rs 10,000 in cash, ATM card, Aadhar card, licence and other documents. On the basis of the documents, cops came to know the owner of the purse. The owner purse was Pintu Girdhari Parate. Cops went to the house of Parate and called him to police station. After initial verification, cops handed over the purse to Parate in the presence of the three girl students.

Appreciating the honesty, the Senior PI Ashok Meshram, PSI Godbole, Woman PSI Raut, and other police personnel patted the girl students.